Seamless: EP available for free for 48 hours


Seamless have announced on their Facebook page that they are currently giving away their debut 'EP' for free for the next 48 hours on their Bandcamp page. They write: "In celebration of our first show at the Little Rock Battle of the Bands , we're giving away our entire EP for FREE for the next 48 hours! Tell all your friends! We're also selling tickets for the show for $9. Leave us a message." The 3-track 'EP' was released in mid-February 2011.

Read the announcement on Facebook.
Download the EP from Bandcamp.

Vildhjarta: new track 'Eternal Golden Monk'


Vildhjarta have released a brand new track, titled 'Eternal Golden Monk'. It is available on The Djentlemen's Club YouTube channel. Listen to it below. The track is also available for free download from Filedropper.com or Vildhjarta's website.


Dwonload the new song for free from Filedropper.com.
Download the new song for free from vildhjarta.com.

Subversion: new track 'What We Are Entitled' available for streaming


Subversion have posted their new track, 'What We Are Entitled', available for free streaming on their Facebook and MySpace pages. This song is featured on their recently released album 'Lest We Forget'.

Ceruleus: pre-production tracks available for free download


Ceruleus have released four pre-production tracks for free download from Mediafire. These songs will be featured in the band's upcoming debut EP, titled 'Trenches', which is planned for release on March 11th. A guitar playthrough video for the song 'The Ark' was posted earlier.

Download the pre-production tracks from Mediafire.

Paul Wardingham: debut album 'Assimilate Regenerate' released


Australian solo guitarist and songwriter Paul Wardingham has released his debut solo album, titled 'Assimilate Regenerate'. It is available for purchase on CD from Enigmaticrecords.com, and as a digital download from Itunes Europe, Australia/New Zealand & Japan.

Buy the new album on Enigmaticrecords.com.

The Helix Nebula: new track available


The Helix Nebula have posted new, yet untitled track, on their Facebook page. They write: "Just finished the rough master of the second track. My mind hurts and I don't want to see another wav file for at least 24 hours, BUT the song sounds pretty angry. Tek-az-fuk even."

Check out the new track on the band's Facebook page.

Megalodon: new track 'Dual Vision Triple Sonic'


Megalodon have posted a new song, titled 'Dual Vision Triple Sonic', on their Facebook page along with lyrics for it. They write: "Greetings, we've released a new track entitled "Dual Vision Triple Sonic". We hope it makes weird movements with your ear holes. Give us your thoughts..."

Check out the new song on Facebook.

When Knives Go Skyward: snippet of new track 'Vibe'


When Knives Go Skyward have posted a rough snippet of their new track, titled 'Vibe' on the their newly uploaded Facebook page. Currently they are working on a new concept EP and new full length titled 'The End Of The Rope'.

UPDATE: The band have released two more snippets of their songs 'Orange' and 'Green' from the upcoming EP on their Facebook page.

Check 'Vibe' snippet along with other clips on Facebook.

Of Man Not Of Machine: new track 'Metal Gear' (updated)


Misha 'Bulb' Mansoor and Elliot Coleman (Sky Eats Airplane) have posted a new track titled 'Metal Gear' on the SoundCloud page for their project Of Man Not Of Machine, along with its lyrics. The song is also available for free download from SoundCloud.

UPDATE: the song is also available on YouTube, listen below.

Stream/download 'Metal Gear' from SoundCloud.

Ceruleus: new track 'Poseidon's Wrath'


Ceruleus have released an intro track from their upcoming debut EP 'Trenches', titled 'Poseidon's Wrath'. It is available on the band's Facebook page as well as on Youtube. Listen to it below. Their first effort is slated for release on March 11th, 2011.


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