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Monuments part ways with both vocalists


Monuments have announced on their Facebook page that they have parted ways with their vocalists Neema Askari and Greg Pope. They report that the split was "[...] due to an internal difference of where to take the band" but also confirm that the album has been finished from an instrumental point of view, and that it will be released once they've found a new vocalist. All interested parties can contact them via the email address management (at) thisismonuments (dot) com.

Invocation: 'Surrender Replacement' playthrough video, looking for members


Tom from Invocation has posted a video of himself playing all the guitar parts for his instrumental song Surrender Replacement. Watch it below. He is also on the lookout for any bassists/vocalists/drummers in the Milton Keynes area who would be interested in joining the project to form a full band. This track is the audition track and can be streamed and downloaded from his SoundCloud page.

Stream / download 'Surrender Replacement' from SoundCloud.

Vira: album update, bass player leaves


Vira have posted an update in which they state that they have decided to part ways with bass player Martin Hasseldam for personal reasons. The band have written a lot of material for a new album in the past few months. The band recorded two new songs for the upcoming album with Chris Kreutzfeldt at Badcat Studios this week. They will be published within the next two months.

They have also revealed their plans to print 100 limited edition shirts, which will include 'download cards' that will grant access to a lot of additional video and image content, as well as the option to download the two new songs. The shirts will only be available at two shows in Denmark.

Vira have released two 3-track EPs so far, titled Recurrence and Re-design. Both can be downloaded from the band's website.

Read the update on Myspace.
Download 'Recurrence' and 'Re-design' from

Friend For A Foe announce drummer


Friend For A Foe have presented their new drummer, Jason Novalis. The band, previously a one man project by guitarist Chris Purvis, are announcing their full lineup one member at a time over the course of a few weeks. Last week, the band announced the recruitment of Tony Marshall as a guitar player, and they uploaded an instrumental version of a new song titled 'Niacin' to their Myspace page.

A number of videos of Jason Novalis playing Friend For A Foe songs are available on his YouTube channel. Watch them below.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

Jonnah vocalist leaves, two new members to be announced


Jonnah report that they have parted ways with their lead vocalist Hannes. He has decided to leave the band, citing work and a lack of motivation as the main reasons. Two new members have recently been recruited, but their names will not be announced until all the remaining recordings are done.

Elitist announce lineup changes


Elitist have announced a number of lineup changes: drummer Daniel Schwartz (also in Volumes) will be replaced by Robert Platz of The Fortune Teller. Sean Hall, also of The Fortune Teller, will be replacing Chris Lees on guitar. Finally, bass player Phil Park is being replaced by Mike Danase. According to a blog post on The Fortune Teller's Myspace, the changes were made "in order to have a lineup that [is] more serious about playing on a professional level."

Elitist are currently recording their debut EP 'Caves', which will be released on July 5th. Some material that is featured on the EP is available for streaming on their Myspace page.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

Excessum recruit guitar player


Excessum report that they have recruited Tom Still (Invocation, The Machinist ) as their new guitarist. They where left with only one guitar player after Tommy Plummer left the band last month. The band will be embarking on a tour across the UK next week, with their new lineup. After this tour, they hope to start recording their debut album.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

Textures keyboard player leaves the band


Textures report that their keyboard player Richard Rietdijk has left the band. This news comes a few months after vocalist Eric Kalsbeek's departure. The band have recruited Daniël De Jongh (ex-CiLiCe) as their new vocalist in the meantime.

About his departure, Richard says: There are other projects (music and other) I’ve been wanting to do for a while now and currently the time and effort it takes to be in the band is in the way of me achieving those. I want to thank all you fans for your continued support and making this journey as awesome as it has been.

The band state: After 10 very great years, it is sadly finally so... our synths & samples-maestro is leaving. We will miss Richard a lot, especially his laugh and his awesome humour. [...] We know Richard will have a great time doing the other things he really loves, but meanwhile our tourbus is going to keep hitting the road... we are unstoppable!

Full statements from Richard and from the band are available on the band's website. They indicate that they are currently writing a new album, and will now start looking for a new keyboard player. They have also announced the first two shows with their new vocalist:

July 3rd - Fortarock, Nijmegen, Netherlands
July 24th - Sikelian Hell, Palermo Italy

Read the announcement on

Fellsilent call it quits


Fellsilent report that they are breaking up, citing the fact that the members have all moved on to new projects as the reason. Browne and Neema will be continuing with Monuments, who have a big announcement planned for today. Acle will be focussing on TesseracT, which is no surprise considering that the band are hoping to release their long-awaited debut album this year. Joe and Noddy have a lyrical project called Sonick Movement. Noddy will continue to play session drums for various bands and give lessons.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

Vira part ways with guitarist


Vira report that one of their guitarists, Daniel Leszkowicz, is leaving the band. Daniel also writes and plays guitar for Scarred By Beauty, who are becoming more and more active of late. About this, the band say: "We've never questioned Daniel's passion for Vira but in the long run, his heart would be with Scarred By Beauty. We have always been aware of that fact, because he started SBB from scratch and is the main writer in the band." He will be replaced by Victor Salomonsen (ex-Mudslide).

Read the announcement on Myspace.

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