Sectioned: new song 'Knives'


Sectioned have uploaded a new instrumental track titled 'Knives' to their Myspace page. The song is also available for streaming and download from their Bandcamp page. The band report that they are currently recording a batch of about 8 songs, and that they will be releasing another one within the next two weeks.

Stream / download 'Knives' from Bandcamp.
Listen to 'Knives' on Myspace.
Read the announcement on Myspace.

El Scar: The Human Instrumentality Project Instrumentals Available For Free Download


El Scar has uploaded the instrumental version of his debut album The Human Instrumentality Project to his Bandcamp page. The instrumentals were previously only available on the 2CD version of the album.

The 2CD version of the album is still available from his Bandcamp page for £5 with free shipping worldwide.

Download "The Human Instrumentality Project" Instrumentals.

Drewsif Stalin: EP Release Date Announced


Drewsif Stalin from Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors announced today that his new EP will be released very shortly. Moving in quite a different direction than previous releases, "Delusions Of A Greater Future" will contain quite a bit more speed and technicality. A song from said EP can be found here. The EP is set to drop 6/22/10

The song 'Furious' on Soundclick

Kevin Suter: various new songs


Kevin Suter who has released the EP "Secret" (free for download at bandcamp) last April, has uploaded several new songs to his Bandcamp page. The latest songs which were all uploaded in May are "Surfacing", "Sine" and "Aspects".

Kevin Suter on bandcamp
Download "Secret" from Bandcamp

El Scar: 'The Human Instrumentality Project' released


El Scar's debut album The Human Instrumentality Project is out and available to buy and download. The album can be downloaded for free from his bandcamp page. The download includes 12 tracks, some of which feature vocals from Jack Fletcher.

Physical copies of the album on Limited Edition 2CD are also available. One disc has the 12 tracks included with the free download, and there is a bonus disc with the entire album in instrumental form. Copies cost £6 with free shipping worldwide and are also available through his bandcamp page.

El Scar uploads new track "Ambivalence"


Marc Le Cras aka El Scar has uploaded another new track from his upcoming album The Human Instrumentality Project out this Monday 24th May.

The track is titled "Ambivalence" and is available to stream on his Myspace page and his Bandcamp page. The song again features vocals from Jack Fletcher. His Myspace page also has a new layout to reflect the album artwork.

The album will be available in two formats. A free download and a limited edition 2CD with bonus instrumental disc costing £6 with free postage worldwide. Both will be available from his Bandcamp page on release day.

El Scar uploads two finished album tracks


Brighton based solo musician Marc Le Cras aka El Scar has uploaded two finished tracks with vocals to his Bandcamp page. The songs, "The Beginning And The End" and "Tears", both feature vocals from Jack Fletcher and are off his upcoming album The Human Instrumentality Project out on 24th May. The album will be available for free download via his Bandcamp page and physical copies of the album with a bonus instrumental disc will be on sale in limited quantities.

Kevin Suter: new song 'Penance' available


Solo musician Kevin Suter has posted a new song titled 'Penance' on his Bandcamp page. A free EP titled Secret was also released on April 10th. All tracks are available for streaming and free download.

Listen to / download 'Penance' on
Listen to / download 'Secret' on

Drewsif Stalin: New EP Available


Drewsif Stalin released a new EP today entitled A Particularly Beautiful Day. It is available for free on Another EP will be released sometime this summer, along with a release from Drewsif Stalin's band, ToTheArk.

Stream or download the EP on

UPDATE: a video announcement is now available on YouTube, watch it below.

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