Textures: column by Stef Broks on Modern Drummer


Modern Drummer have posted a blog by Stef Broks of Textures, in which he talks about the band's first show and the recent 'Frak The Gods' tour with Periphery. An interview with Peek From The Pit was posted earlier.

Read the blog post by Stef Broks on Modern Drummer.

Cloudkicker: new music snippet available (updated)


Ben Sharp, AKA Cloudkicker, has posted a new snippet of music on his Tumblr blog, along with the words "Here’s your music loop for today." Whether or not this piece of music will be part of a future release is unclear for now. He recently uploaded an altered mix of his EP 'A New Heavenly Body', which is itself a remix of ']]][[['.

UPDATE: two more snippets have been posted in the meantime. It seems that more snippets will follow in the coming days.

Listen to the snippet on

Veil Of Maya: guitarist Marc Okubo discusses live rig

5 has published a tour diary entry giving an inside look at Veil of Maya guitarist Marc Okubo's live rig. The band are currently touring North America as part of the Legacy Tour, alongside Darkest Hour, Periphery and Revocation. In the blog post he discusses how he pulls off his many loops and effects, despite being the only guitar player in the band, and the picks and cables he uses live and in the studio. In the coming weeks, they will be publishing more tour diary entries by members of the other bands on the tour.

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Check out Veil Of Maya on Myspace.

El Scar: upcoming EP details revealed


El Scar has posted details of his upcoming EP on his Tumblr blog. The blog post indicates that the EP will be titled 'MAGI' and will be released in December via his Bandcamp page. He also gives a background on the theme for the EP as well as a tracklisting.

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Returning We Hear the Larks: new compilation album available for free download


Jak Noble of Returning We Hear the Larks has released a new compilation album composed of songs recorded during the writing and production of his debut full-length album Ypres. The 11-track album includes covers of Veil of Maya's 'Unbreakable' and Meshuggah's 'Obzen', as well as collaborations with other musicians, including djent solo artist Beyond Our Eyes.

RWHTL has also recently created a blog on Tumblr, on which he plans to post links to new material and information on future releases.

Download 'Alpha: The Ypres Months' from Bandcamp or check out the new RWHTL blog on Tumblr.

Corellia: working on new material, band name change


Corellia have posted a new blog entry on their Myspace page, which includes an update video. Watch it below. The band have been working on new material and are planning to release an EP in the near future. The video features vocals and guitar tracking footage for their song 'Aviation', and there are also a couple of preproduction samples that might be featured on the upcoming EP. Also, the band announced that their name was slightly changed from 'Corellia' to 'Corelia' due to legal issues.

Read the announcement on the band's Myspace page.

El Scar: new blog and song


El Scar has uploaded a new track "Xibalba" to his SoundCloud page. The song will feature on his next as of yet untitled EP. He has also created a tumblr blog where all future updates will be posted.

Listen to "Xibalba" on Soundcloud
Follow El Scar on Tumblr

Chimp Spanner: studio diary update


Paul Ortiz, AKA Chimp Spanner, has posted a new entry on the studio diary blog that he has set up to document the work on his third full-length album, which is scheduled to be released before the end of this year. He reports that he has acquired some new gear, including a MIDI pickup and a new six string guitar. The latter was used to record the sample that was posted earlier this week.

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Periphery: Australia tour video


Sumerian Records has posted a 7 minute video about Periphery's tour in Australia on its YouTube channel. Watch it below. The band toured Australia with The Dillinger Escape plan in May this year.

Bulb: new gear blog on MetalSucks


Misha 'Bulb' Mansoor has posted a new blog entry on, in which he discusses the different ways of using the Fractal AxeFx in a live setting. This entry is the third in the '' series.

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