Bulb: new side project 'Girlfight'


Misha Bulb Mansoor of Periphery has just announced his new side project titled 'Girlfight' on Facebook, saying "I started a fun SYL ripoff project called Girlfight so that i can have some fun music to run to once i exhaust my SYL playlist. Check it!". He has also released a new instrumental song through the new side project titled 'Fucking Fuck'. Listen below.

Periphery: live stream of show in Toronto (update: show over)


Periphery are offering a live stream of their show in Toronto tonight. You can find it right here on ustream.tv.

Periphery on Ustream

UPDATE: Periphery have finished their set. The setlist was as follows:

Frak The Gods
Icarus Lives!
The Walk

A recording of the stream is still available on Ustream.

Periphery: 'Buttersnips' now available for download on Rock Band 2


Periphery have announced via Myspace that the song 'Buttersnips', from their debut album, is now available as downloadable content on Rock Band 2 for the Xbox 360.

Being: new instrumental version of Cosmonaut featuring Misha Mansoor


Being have put up an instrumental version of their song 'Cosmonaut' on their Soundcloud page. It is produced and features a guest solo by Misha 'Bulb' Mansoor. The track is also available on their Myspace page and their Facebook page.

Listen to 'Cosmonaut' on SoundCloud.
Listen to 'Cosmonaut' on Myspace.
Listen to 'Cosmonaut' on Facebook.

Bulb: new track 'Strizzwald'


Misha Mansoor, also known as Bulb, just got a new sevenstring guitar (an EBMM BFR JP7 Flamed Koa, check his post on ernieball.com). As a test mix for that guitar he uploaded the new song 'Strizzwald' on his SoundClick page.

New Spencer Sotelo Version of The Walk


Periphery vocalist, Spencer Sotelo, has posted a re-worked version of the Periphery song "The Walk" off their debut self-titled album to his Myspace.

The track should allay fears of Sotelo's perceived weakness in the harsh vox department.

Periphery: Video interview with Metal Assault


Metal Assault recently conducted an interview with Misha Mansoor of Periphery. It was conducted in Los Angeles during the Thrash and Burn Tour. In the interview, Misha discusses touring, setlists, working with Tosin Abasi (Animals As Leaders), writing with Mark Holcomb (Haunted Shores), song titles, production, life on the road and other topics.

Bulb: gear testing video footage


Some video footage of Periphery songwriter and guitarist Misha 'Bulb' Mansoor testing gear has appeared on YouTube. In the video, he plays an Ibanez RG 2228 guitar through a VHT Poweramp and an AxeFX Ultra.


Metal Sucks Interview with Misha Mansoor


MetalSucks.net has published an interview with Misha Mansoor AKA Bulb of Periphery, in which he discusses the future of the music industry and the business side of making music.

Read the interview on MetalSucks.net.

MetalSucks.net: Bulb posts new blog about studio tones


MetalSucks.net has uploaded a new blog by Periphery guitarist Misha Mansoor aka Bulb to their new MishaSucks.net Gear Geek category. In the blog, he discusses how to construct a "big" studio tone and it follows on from a previous blog about the importance of mid range frequencies and tweaking your live tone.

Read the full blog post on MetalSucks.net.

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