Sees: 'In & Between' EP delayed


Sees have announced that their upcoming EP 'In & Between' will be delayed to January 2012. The band's vocalist Bryan Malke writes: "Due to the power outages from hurricane Irene and the recent October snow storm that hit the northeast portion of the US, we are pushing the release of the EP out a month. We were trying to meet the date that we committed to but the lost time has forced us to move the release."

They also announced that the EP will now feature only three tracks instead of four. The song 'The Kiln' will be released as a single. An EP preview video was posted earlier.

Ceruleus: EP delay announced


Nabeel Tarin of Ceruleus has announced on the band's Facebook page that the release of their EP is delayed. He writes: [i]"While I was on tour with Volumes on our day off us and Chelsea Grin went to my house to write a new song for Chelsea & thanksgiving only to see that my house got broken into and about half my studio stolen.[...] Untill I can get some new equipment the EP wil be on hold for a bit longer because one of the laptops they stole had all my drum files in it...

Skyharbor: debut album delayed


Keshav Dhar of Skyharbor has announced on the band's Facebook page that their debut album 'Blinding White Noise' has been delayed. He writes: "[...] our debut album will have to be delayed yet again by a few weeks. I'm very much aware how eagerly all of you are anticipating this release, and I've braced myself for the inevitable backlash that will occur due to this news, especially as it is just days away from the 20th. But I am very confident of one thing - when we are able to reveal the exact nature of what has happened (which will be in a matter of days), you will ALL be very happy, delighted even. [...] In the meantime, please do come out to our show at the NH7 Weekender at 3PM on the 20th, where we will still be playing almost all of the album live!"

Read the full announcement on Facebook.

Robots Pulling Levers: two new tracks available


Mark Hawkins (Soul Cycle, Assimilated Mind Phase) and Vishal J. Singh (Amogh Symphony, Acrophase) have uploaded two rough mixes for their joint project Robots Pulling Levers to their SoundCloud pages. Listen to them below. The first track features Malcolm Lee Pugh of Diskreet and A Loathing Requiem, and the second one features Sacha Laskow of Divinity and Enditol.

Friend For A Foe: update about EP delay


Chris Purvis of Friend For A Foe has posted an explanation for the delays of the band's debut EP 'The Sky And The Fall' on his Facebook page. Reasons for the delay include legal issues regarding some videogame sound clips used for their song 'Fallout', the re-tracking of all the instrumentals due to differing mixes and the consequent failure of their equipment, the commitment of Chris Purvis in the US Navy, the recent departure of drummer Jason Novalis and the search for a replacement, and more. He has also announced that the band's first single 'For Less' will be released in the near future.

Read the full update from Facebook.

Volumes: EP lyrics available


Volumes have published the lyrics for their forthcoming debut EP on their Myspace page. They have also indicated that it will be released soon. In addition to the six tracks that were previously announced, the EP will contain another new song, which they are currently recording. The band are also working on their debut full-length album, which they plan to release later this year.

Read the lyrics on Myspace.

Dedicted looking for new label, second album release delayed


Dedicted report that they are looking for a new label, as they have decided to part ways with Shiver Records. This means that the release of their second full-length album, Ecdysis, will be delayed indefinitely. The band had already finished recording the album last year, and have released a couple of video blogs about it over the last few months.

Read the announcement on Facebook.

X3N explain album release delay


X3N have posted an explanation for the delay of the release of their debut album, 'Binary Sermons: Manifestations of A Clockwork God', which was originally supposed to be out in late 2009. They have indicated that a substantial financial setback is at the origin of their current problems.

Read more on Myspace.

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