A Sense of Gravity: debut demo released


Seattle duo A Sense of Gravity have released their debut self-titled three song demo 'A Sense of Gravity'. It is available for streaming and free download from Bandcamp and SoundCloud. Listen below. The band are currently looking to complete their lineup with a vocalist, keyboardist, bassist, and drummer.

Stream/Download the demo from Bandcamp.
Stream/Download the demo from SoundCloud.

Cyclamen: 'Senjyu' available for free download on August 1st


Cyclamen report on Facebook that their debut full-length album 'Senjyu' will be available for free download on Bandcamp tomorrow, Monday August 1st, for one day only (starting at midnight, UK time). The band recently split up and is continuing as Hayato Imanishi's solo project for the foreseeable future.

Stream / download 'Senjyu' from Bandcamp.
Read the announcement on Facebook.

What Dreams May Come: debut demo released, available for free download


What Dreams May Come have released their debut demo, which is available for streaming and for free download from their Facebook and SoundCloud pages. Listen to the songs 'Beneath The Flag' and 'Among The Barren' off the demo below.

Beyond Our Eyes: 3 new tracks


Beyond Our Eyes has released three new songs, an instrumental version of 'The New Perception,' a vocal track 'Breathe,' and a second album teaser, to their SoundCloud page. Listen below. Beyond Our Eyes released their most recent full-length album 'The New Perception' earlier this year.

The New Perception


Album Teaser

Stream/Download the songs from SoundCloud.

Brad Doné: new track 'Jessica Alba' and EP released


Brad Doné has released a new song titled 'Jessica Alba (In 4 Parts)' to his YouTube channel. Listen below. The song is featured on his new 3-track EP which is free to download from MediaFire.

Download the EP from MediaFire.

Vinny And The Svobodas: new track 'Imagine Forever'


Vinny Svoboda of Vinny And The Svobodas has uploaded a new song, titled 'Imagine Forever' to his Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages. Listen below. His debut EP 'Stories From The Farside' was released in April.

What Escapes Me: new track 'Maze of Mutual Apocalypse'


India-based What Escapes Me have posted a new track, titled 'Maze of Mutual Apocalypse', which is available for streaming and for free download from their SoudCloud page. Listen below. The track will be featured on their debut EP, of which no further details are available yet.

Stream/download the track from SoudCloud.

Ultimate Breath: new song 'Something' (updated)


Manuel Fdez. de Ginzo Muñoz of Ultimate Breath has posted a new track, titled 'Something', which is available for streaming and for free download from his SoundCloud page. Listen below. Another track, titled 'Break', was posted earlier.

UPDATE: He has also posted a new riff idea on SoundCloud. Listen to it below as well.

TesseracT: collection of demos available (update)

31 user JakIsDead (Jak Noble from Returning We Hear the Larks) has collected a series of demos and clips recorded by TesseracT guitarist Acle Kahney from the Harmony Central forums. A zip file with 18 tracks is available for download from Sendspace. On our forums, he writes: "They are Tesseract demos ranging from 2003-2009, and some are quite interesting. There's a cover of Meshuggah's 'Elastic' and a track called 'May 25th Ambient Idea' which is an early demo of April with Acle's vocals."

Download the demo collection from
Read JakIsDead's post on our forums.

UPDATE: user FatKol has also uploaded 11 more demo tracks and clips, they are also available for download from Sendspace.

KreepMaster: 'Suffer.ION' playthrough video with vocals


Hungarian solo artist Péter Csák, AKA KreepMaster, has posted a playthrough video of himself playing through his track 'Suffer.ION', with guest vocals by Causing Chaos guitarist Lave. Watch and listen below. The track is also available for download from

The instrumental version of the track is featured on his recently released EP 'Prepare To Meet Your God', which is also available for free download from the same website.

Download 'Suffer.ION' with vocals from
Download 'Prepare To Meet Your God' from

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