Outofchannel: 'Post Illusion' drum playthrough video


Outofchannel have posted a drum playthrough video for the track 'Post Illusion' to their YouTube channel. Watch it below. A live video of a rehearsal session with the band's new singer was posted earlier.

Vildhjarta: 'Dagger' drum cam video


Sick Drummer Magazine has posted a drumcam video of Vildhjarta's David Lindkvist playing the song 'Dagger', off their recently released debut album 'Måsstaden'. Watch it below. He comments: "My biggest influences are by far Sean Reinert and Tomas Haake, but on måsstaden, you will also hear a lot of drumming inspired by bands like Ion Dissonance. [...]". We conducted an exclusive interview with the band at Euroblast festival in Cologne, Germany in October this year.

Watch the video and read David's comments on sickdrummermagazine.com.

Textures: column by Stef Broks on Modern Drummer


Modern Drummer have posted a blog by Stef Broks of Textures, in which he talks about the band's first show and the recent 'Frak The Gods' tour with Periphery. An interview with Peek From The Pit was posted earlier.

Read the blog post by Stef Broks on Modern Drummer.

The Algorithm: 'Isometry' drum cover by Mike Malyan


Monuments drummer Mike Malyan has posted a drum cover of The Algorithm's song 'Isometry' to his YouTube channel. Watch it below. Some gear information is available in the video description. Both bands recently played Euroblast festival vol. 7. Live footage from The Algorithm as well as from Monuments was posted earlier.

Threat Signal: 'Uncensored' drum playthrough video


Threat Signal drummer Alex Rudinger has released a drum playthrough video for the track 'Uncensored' on his YouTube channel. Watch the video below. About the track, he comments: "This song is without a doubt the most 'death metal' on the record and is obviously one that I had a lot of input in (hence all the blast beats/double bass). Travis and I wrote this in the van using GuitarPro and were just aiming to write a fast, intense song.". 'Uncensored' is featured on Threat Signal's recently released self-titled album. An interview with vocalist Jon Howard was posted earlier.

After The Burial: drumcam footage


Sick Drummer Magazine has uploaded a drumcam footage video featuring drummer Dan Carle of After The Burial playing through the band's song 'Your Troubles Will Cease and Fortune Will Smile Upon You'. Watch it below. The footage was recorded from the band's show in Sacramento, California on October 11th. Another drumcam video for the song 'Drifts' was posted earlier.

Threat Signal: 'Faceless' drum playthrough video


Drummer Alex Rudinger of Threat Signal has posted a video of himself playing through the band's song 'Faceless' via Youtube. Watch it below. The song is featured on their debut full-length release 'Under Reprisal'. The band have recently released a new self-titled album, which is still available for purchase. Another drum playthrough video for the track 'Face The Day' was posted earlier.

Humanity's Last Breath: new drum playthrough video


Humanity's Last Breath have posted a new drum playthrough video, featuring the band's drummer, Buster Odeholm, playing the song 'Righteous Death' off of their new 'Structures Collapse' EP to the sickdrummer.com YouTube channel. Watch it below. The EP was released earlier.

Of Legends: two drum playthrough videos


Of Legends drummer Travis Orbin has posted playthrough videos for the tracks 'We Wish Death' and 'Save The Humans', both from on their debut album 'Stranded', on his Youtube Channel. Watch them below. Of Legends will be touring the US with Bring me The Horizon, Architects and others in September and October. A complete tour schedule can be found on their Facebook page.

Elitist: two new playthrough videos


Julian Rodriguez of Elitist has uploaded two new play-through videos, guitar and drums respectively, to his YouTube channel. Watch them below. Elitist will be releasing their next EP 'Earth' this fall.

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