Caricature: new track 'Iris' (Goo Goo Dolls cover)


Caricature have uploaded a cover of the song 'Iris' by the Goo Goo Dolls on their Facebook page. Another track titled 'Birth By Sleep' was posted earlier.

Listen to the cover on Facebook.

Ganesh Rao launches guitar string gauge finder


Ganesh Rao has recently launched an application that allows you to see what gauge of string is required for different tunings, and convert gauges between them. It can be found on his website. This application also lets you add the amount of strings being used, for those who may use guitars with more than six strings. A cover of the song 'Kolaveri Di' was posted earlier.

View the application on ganeshrao.com.

UK Tech Metal Fest: five more bands announced


The Algorithm, Visions, Entrosolet, No Consequence and Chronographs have been announced as the latest additions to the lineup of next years UK Tech Metal Fest. More bands are to be announced shortly.

Saiyan: new song 'I Stare In His Absence'


Saiyan have released a new song titled 'I Stare in His Absence' available for streaming and free download from their Facebook page. Other tracks 'Sotapanna' and 'Faunaviolet' were released earlier.

Stream/download 'I Stare in His Absence' from Facebook.

Dissipate: new song 'Such is the mind of a realist'


Dissipate have released a new song off their up coming cd 'Life.Death.Rebirth', titled 'Such is the mind of a realist'. It is available for streaming on YouTube and on their Facebook page, listen below.

Listen to 'Such is the mind of a realist' on Facebook.

UK Tech Metal Fest: first bands announced


Red Seas Fire, Subversion, Nexilva and Broken Torment have been confirmed as the first four acts to play at next years UK Tech Metal Fest. More bands are due to be announced in the coming weeks. The festival is being organised by English Djentlemens Quarters coordinator Simon Garrod, in conjunction with The League of Extraordinary Djentlemen. He writes: "The festival will be a mixed Tech-Metal fest of all varieties and not just Djent bands. Please stay tuned for more updates because we still have all of the Headliners to announce and many more bands yet to come very shortly!".

Read the announcement on Facebook.

Vildhjarta: teaser for 'Dagger' music video


Vildhjarta have posted a teaser video for the upcoming music video for 'Dagger' on their Facebook page. The video will be released later this week. The band's debut album 'Måsstaden' is slated to be released on November 28th.

UPDATE: the teaser is now also available on YouTube, watch it below.

Watch the teaser video on Facebook.

Vildhjarta: new song 'Phobon Nika' (updated)


Vildhjarta have posted a new track, titled 'Phobon Nika', on their Facebook page. The track is featured on the band's upcoming debut album 'Måsstaden', which will be released on November 28th through Century Media Records. We recently published a review of the album.

UPDATE: 'Phobon Nika' is now available for streaming from Century Media's Soundcloud Page. Listen to it below.

Listen to 'Phobon Nika' on Facebook.
Listen to the track on Soundcloud.

Neosis: album teaser


Neosis have posted a teaser for their as-yet-untitled upcoming album on their Facebook page. The band recently announced a UK tour in March 2012, supporting Chimaira. No release date for the album has been announced so far.

Listen to the album teaser on Facebook.

Broken Torment: new song 'Memoirs Of Mankinds Decadence'


Broken Torment have posted a new song titled 'Memoirs Of Mankinds Decadence' on their Facebook page. The band released their 4-track self-titled debut EP in April this year.

Listen to 'Memoirs Of Mankinds Decadence' on Facebook.

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