Drewsif Stalin: 'Black Christmas' cover, new demo track 'Contemplative'


Andrew Reynolds a.k.a. Drewsif Stalin of Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors has released a cover of the song 'Black Christmas' on his Bandcamp page. He has also posted a new demo song titled 'Contemplative', which is available for streaming and for free download from his SoundCloud page.

LodeStar Dynasty: 'Blurry Moon EP' available for free download


Ryan Geoffrey Martin of California's LodeStar Dynasty has released a new EP titled 'Blurry Moon', which is available for free download on his Bandcamp page. Listen below. He says, 'Music is what I purely enjoy. I know that this is something I am meant to do...My goal is to share complexity in music and have it appeal to every one!'

Listen to 'Blurry Moon' on Bandcamp.

Basick Records: free 2012 sampler


Basick Records have uploaded a sampler for 2012 containing 11 tracks by various of their signed bands. The sampler is available for free streaming and download from Amazon and their Bandcamp page. Listen to it below. It also contains the new Chimp Spanner song 'Dark Age of Technology' that was reported earlier.

Sam Bell: new instrumental song 'Daddy Butter'


Sam Bell, guitarist of Mask of Judas, has uploaded a new instrumental track titled 'Daddy Butter' available for streaming and free download from his SoundCloud page. Listen below. Another untitled rough-mix was posted earlier.

Saiyan: new song 'I Stare In His Absence'


Saiyan have released a new song titled 'I Stare in His Absence' available for streaming and free download from their Facebook page. Other tracks 'Sotapanna' and 'Faunaviolet' were released earlier.

Stream/download 'I Stare in His Absence' from Facebook.

Nerve End: 'Axis' EP released, available for free download


Nerve End have released their second EP 'Axis'. The EP contains four tracks and is available for streaming and free download from the band's website and from Bandcamp in a "pay what you want" scheme. Listen below. Physical copies are also available on Bigcartel.

Stream / download 'Axis' from
Stream / download 'Axis' from Bandcamp.

Bypass: collection of demos and b-sides available for free download


Bypass have released a collection of 13 tracks, consisting mainly of b-sides and demos. They are available for free download from MediaFire. The release was accompanied by a short teaser video, which you can watch below.

Download the collection from MediaFire.

Cloudkicker: new albums 'Let Yourself Be Huge' and 'Loop' available


Ben Sharp, AKA Cloudkicker, has released two new albums, titled 'Let Yourself Be Huge' and 'Loop', a few days earlier than planned. They are now available for streaming and download on his Bandcamp page. Listen below. Physical copies of 'Let Yourself Be Huge' are available for ordering as well. The first album features eight tracks and is more mellow in style than his previous work. It also features vocals on the title track. The second is a collection of 16 short 'loops'.

Stream / download / order 'Let Yourself Be Huge' from Bandcamp.

The Safety Fire: 'Huge Hammers' available for free download


The Safety Fire have released a new song 'Huge Hammers' available for free download through Inside Out Music. The track will be featured on the band's upcoming full-length 'Grind the Ocean'. An interview with guitarist Derya Nagle was posted earlier.

Download 'Huge Hammers' from Inside Out Music.

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