Textures: 'Dualism' album teaser


Nuclear Blast records has uploaded a teaser video featuring excerpts from all the tracks on Textures's upcoming album 'Dualism'. Watch and listen below. 'Dualism' is slated for release on September 23rd.

Textures will be touring through North America supporting Periphery as part of the Frak The Gods tour, alongside The Human Abstract, The Contortionist and Stray From The Path. They will also be co-headlining this year's edition of Euroblast festival, which will take place in Cologne, Germany on October 21st-22nd.

Volumes: new song 'Edge of the earth', streaming new album (updated)


Volumes have uploaded a promotional video featuring a new song titled 'Edge of the Earth' to their YouTube page. Watch it below. The band are currently competing in a poll for the opening position on the upcoming Trash and Burn tour and will be streaming their full-length release 'Via' for one day only starting this Sunday 6PM PDT, 9PM EDT, Monday 1AM BST, 2AM CET.

UPDATE: the original video has been taken down, but the new song can still be heard below:

Vote for Volumes to open Thrash and Burn 2011.

SEES: EP and full-length album announced


Sees have announced that they will release a new EP titled 'In & Between' in December of this year. It will feature 4 previously unused tracks. About this, vocalist Bryan Malke says: "We've had a bunch of tracks lying around for a while now and thought that we'd release them as an EP rather than let them go to waste. It also gave us a chance to become better acquainted with Eric, our new guitarist, and play around with a bunch of new gear before we lock ourselves in the studio for the full length. We have a bunch of tracks in the works and I'm really excited where we're headed." Sees released their album 'The enD' for free earlier this year. It can be downloaded from http://www.seesdownload.com.

Download 'The End' from seesdownload.com.

Aliases: debut album 'Safer Than Reality' released


Aliases have released their long awaited debut album 'Safer Than Reality' through Basick Records. The album is available for streaming from Basick Records's Bandcamp page. Listen below. A music video for the opening track 'What's Left for Us?' was released earlier.

Read the official announcement on basickrecords.com.
Purchase the album from aliasesband.co.uk.
Stream/Purchase the album from Bandcamp.

Solace: 'Stockhome Syndrome' playthrough video


Misery Signals vocalist Karl Schubach has posted a playthrough video for his solo project Solace's song 'Stockhome Syndrome'. Watch it below. The song is featured on his upcoming album 'Call & Response', which is slated for release this year. The album version will feature vocals as well.

Meshuggah discuss new album with Studio Rock


Studio Rock has conducted an interview with Mårten Hagström of Meshuggah, in which he discusses their forthcoming full-length album. He indicates that it is scheduled to be released in March 2012, and that all band members are currently participating in the writing process (which was not the case for previous albums).

About the band's stylistic direction on the new record, he says: "This time, from what it feels right now, it's gonna be a little bit slower and a little bit groovier album. But that's just generally. I think that we will like this album better than the media."

Read the full interview on studiorock.ro.
Read an excerpt from the interview about the new album on guitarworld.com.

In Search Of Sight: teaser for upcoming album (updated)


In Search of Sight have posted an instrumental teaser for their upcoming full-length album on their ReverbNation page. Listen below. No details about the album have been revealed as yet. The band are also planning to release an EP by the end of the month.

UPDATE: some more details about the EP have been made available. The EP will be titled 'Animism' and it will contain 5 songs: an intro, an instrumental track titled 'Onuris' and three other songs titled 'Animism', 'Emotional Insight' and 'Completion'. It will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and directly from the band.

Listen to the teaser on ReverbNation.

Solace: Karl Schubach fundraising for solo album


Karl Schubach of Misery Signals fame is fundraising for his solo project Solace. You can donate to the drive on his kickstarter.com page. He is offering some rewards for donating including guest vocal spots, signed 6th grade report cards and having your name tattooed on his leg.

At the time of writing, he has already exceeded his fundraising target of $2,500

Solace on Facebook

A-SynC to release full-length album


A-SynC report that they are working on a full-length album, instead of an EP as they had planned originally. They have already finished 8 tracks and are working on more material. About their change of plans, they write: "We know that all you guys were waiting for the new EP and it's been a long time since we promised to bring it to your ears. [..] But during all this time, A-SynC continued to grow. This is why I'm proud to announce that the next release will not be an EP but a complete full length record !"

A-SynC released a 17 minute single-track EP titled 'Clouds' in November last year. It is available for free download from the band's website.

Download 'Clouds' from a-sync.org.

Afekth: studio diary video, promo CD details revealed


Afekth have revealed some details about their upcoming promo CD Ancient Faith -the introduction-, which will be released on April 18th. It will feature three tracks. The track listing can be viewed below. The band's upcoming full-length album 'Ancient Faith' will be released later this year. They have also released a studio diary video with some snippets from the CD on their Youtube channel, which can be watched below.

Track listing:
1. Particular Senses
2. My Unreality
3. Maggie (part I)

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