Massive Audio Nerve: new lineup announced, working on new album


Massive Audio Nerve have announced that guitarist Mark Black and drummer Adde Larsson have joined the band. They will replace Nils Olsson and Andreas Engberg, respectively. A previous lineup change was announced earlier this year. The band will enter the studio to record their fourth album 'Cancer Vulgaris' in February 2012. Ten of the twelve song titles are listed here.

Formerly known as 'M.A.N,' Massive Audio Nerve announced the name change via their Twitter page in November.

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Means End: guitar sheets available, looking for guitarist


Sweden-based Means End have uploaded the guitar sheets and tabs of their recently released EP to Mediafire. They are available in Guitar Pro 5 format. The band have also announced that they are looking for another guitarist to complete their line-up.

Born of Osiris: guitarist talks about 'Recreate' on Seattle Weekly


Seattle Weekly's Reverb has posted an interview with Lee McKinney, one of the guitarists in Born of Osiris. The interview focuses on one of the band's songs, 'Recreate', and the meaning behind its lyrics.

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Absent Distance: 'Hyperwill Crisis' playthrough video


Hungarian duo Absent Distance have posted a playthrough video for their track 'Hyperwill Crisis' on their YouTube channel. Watch it below. The band released a new track titled 'It's Sulfur!' last week.

Outcast: live video excerpts from upcoming album


Outcast have posted a video on their YouTube channel featuring five live excerpts of guitarists Nicolas Soulat and Jean-François Di Rienzo playing through some songs from their upcoming album 'Awaken the Reason'. Watch it below. A teaser for the album was posted earlier. It is being mixed by Jochem Jacobs of Textures and will be released this year.

M.A.N.: new guitarist announced, entering studio this fall


M.A.N. have announced Nils Olsson as their new guitarist. He will replace Marcus Bertilsson, who has left the band earlier due to personal reasons. Nils will debut with the band on April 16th at 'Sticky Fingers' in Gothenburg, Sweden. M.A.N. will enter the studio this fall to record their next album. They state: "The sound will be fierce, and M.A.N. will continue to explore the quarter tone system — an exciting journey!".

Periphery: TotalRock radio interview with Alex Bois


TotalRock Radio recently conducted an interview with guitarist Alex Bois of Periphery. Periphery toured the UK and Europe with TesseracT, The Safety Fire and Monuments last month with the League of Extraordinary Djentlemen tour. We also conducted an interview with the bands on the tour. Periphery will be releasing their 'Icarus Lives!' EP in April.

Aechoes to record new album in April


Aechoes (formerly known as Kill the Masses) report that they will start recording their upcoming album in April. They have also announced that Threat Signal and Nociceptor guitarist Travis Montgomery will be doing a guest appearance on the album. As we wrote earlier, the album will be recorded with Daniel Braunstein of Volumes at the helm.

Kailin part ways with guitarist


Kailin have announced on their Facebook page that their guitarist, Chris Battin, has left the band due to the personal reasons and now they are searching for a replacement. They write: "Hello everybody! Some sad news, Chris has left the band for personal reasons, we wish him the best with everything and as he's Lewis's brother we're always gonna see him, so now we are looking for a new guitarist! Get in touch with any member to find out details. We have a fill in sorted for a couple gigs in march so we'll still be gigging."

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Periphery: Jake Bowen injured, unable to play LXD dates (updated)


Periphery report on Twitter that guitarist Jake Bowen has dislocated his finger and as a result will not be able to play any of the remaining dates of the League of Extraordinary Djentlemen Tour. The band are currently touring the UK and Europe with TesseracT, Monuments and The Safety Fire. John Browne of Monuments and Adam 'Nolly' Getgood of Red Seas Fire will be filling in for him for the remainder of the tour. A short video clip of Jake and Alex Bois in the hospital explaining what happened was posted on the band's Facebook page earlier today.

UPDATE: Red Seas Fire report on their Facebook page that Nolly will be filling in for Jake on the UK leg of the tour, which probably means that John Browne of Monuments will take his place for the European leg.

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