Vildhjarta: interview with Daniel Bergström by 'No Clean Singing'


No Clean Singing have published an interview with Vildhjarta's Daniel Bergström on their website. Read it below. A playthrough video of Daniel playing 'Shadow', from Vildhjarta's debut album 'Måsstaden', was posted earlier.

Read the interview on the 'No Clean Singing' website.

Erra: interview with Mainstream Killed The Indie Star


Mainstream Killed The Indie Star have published a short interview with Alabama-based Erra. The band released their full-length album 'Impulse' last month. A new song off the album, titled 'Efflorescent', was posted earlier.

Read the interview on the 'Mainstream Killed The Indie Star' Website.

Corelia: interview with The Cut


Heavy Blog Is Heavy have cross-posted an interview by the student-ran magazine The Cut with Corelia. In it, they talk about their debut EP 'Nostalgia' and its writing process, the joining of the band's vocalist Ryan Devlin with The Human Abstract as a touring vocalist, their upcoming debut full-length release, on which they're working on, musical influences, and more. The band's debut EP 'Nostalgia' was released in September.

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Skyharbor: interview with NH7


NH7 has published a short interview with Keshav Dhar of Skyharbor. The interview covers Keshav's thoughts on the djent 'genre', inspirations, promotion, as well as the metal scene in India. The new New Delhi-based band has recently been signed to Basick Records in the UK. The upcoming, albeit delayed, album will feature guest appearances by Daniel Tompkins (ex-TesseracT), Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth), Vishal J. Singh (Amogh Symphony) and Sunneith Revankar (Bhayanak Maut).

Read the full interview on NH7.

Born Of Osiris: video interview with Bare Bones Music


Bare Bones Music have posted a video interview with with Joe Buras and Lee McKinney of Born of Osiris on their Youtube page. Watch it below. A drum playthrough video of 'Singularity' was posted earlier.

Cloudkicker: audio interview with 'The Age of Metal'


The Age of Metal has posted an audio interview with Ben Sharp of Cloudkicker. In it he talks about his recent albums 'Let Yourself Be Huge' and 'Loop', recording process, influences, and more. The albums were released last month and are available for free download.

Listen to the interview on The Age of Metal.

TesseracT: video interview with 'Djent Satisfaction'


Djent Satisfaction have posted a video interview with TesseracT on their Youtube channel. Watch it below. The interview was filmed on the 20th of this month in San Antonio, Texas, during the ongoing Saint And Sinner's Tour. A tour video of the same was posted earlier.

After the Burial: interview with Under The Gun Review


Under The Gun Review has posted an interview with After The Burial in which they discuss their next release, the writing process, their goals and more. The band have been on the road for 8 months in 2011 and look forward to writing "the heaviest music possible and touring the world" in the months to come. A drumcam video for the song 'Your Troubles Will Cease and Fortune Will Smile Upon You' was posted earlier.

Read the interview on Under The Gun Review.

Red Enemy: interview with Mirovia Magazine (updated)


Mirovia Magazine have posted an interview with Irish band Red Enemy, in which they talk about the songwriting process for their EP 'What We Are Contained In, Is What We Are Worth', the meaning behind its title, the lyrical content, and more. The band's EP was released in March this year.

Textures: TV performance, interview with My Metal Bin


Textures performed 'Consonant Hemispheres' from their recent album 'Dualism' on the Dutch public television program 'De Wereld Draait Door'. Click here to watch the video. The band was also interviewed about their newest album by My Metal Bin, which you can read here.

Watch the 'Consonant Hemispheres' live performance.
Read the interview on My Metal Bin.

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