Code 3-7: jam video


Brazil-based Code 3-7 have uploaded a new jam video of them playing some new material on their Youtube Channel. Watch it below. A cover of Katy Perry's song 'Firework' was posted earlier.

T.I.N.G.: riff ideas, jam video available


T.I.N.G., a new UK project featuring Olly Steele and Mike Malyan from Monuments and Sam Bell from Mask of Judas, have posted two short clips featuring some riffs ideas on YouTube. Watch them below. A jam video with Matt Matuska of Bad Trumpet is also available from the project's Facebook page.

Chimp Spanner: short jam video of new material


A short jam video featuring Paul Ortiz, AKA Chimp Spanner jamming through some riff ideas for his next EP has been uploaded to Facebook. He will be touring through the UK and Europe in September and October respectively. Like last year, he will also play at this year's edition of Euroblast festival, which takes place in Cologne, Germany on October 21st-22nd.

Watch the video on Facebook.

Robots Pulling Levers: new jam track


Mark Hawkins has posted a "spontaneous prog jam" track, featuring Vishal J. Singh of Robots Pulling Levers, to his SoundCloud page. Listen below. A version of this track should appear on their debut release. A 'Skywalker' solo playthrough video was posted earlier.

Monuments: video drum-jam with Periphery and Tesseract


Mike Malyan of Monuments has uploaded a video of a jam session with Matt Halpern of Periphery and Jay Postones of TesseracT to his YouTube channel. Watch it below.

Animals as Leaders: 'Behaving Badly' jam video with vocals


A video featuring Tosin Abasi of Animals As Leaders jamming the song 'Behaving Badly' off the band's self-titled debut album, has been uploaded to YouTube. Watch it below. The video features Kelela Mizanekristos's vocals over the originally instrumental track.

Dr. Slaggleberry: new untitled track, jam audio clip


Dr. Slaggleberry have posted a short audio clip of a jam session on their YouTube page, along with a 4-minute studio video which features a new track as background music. Watch and listen below. The band are currently working on their upcoming album, for which no further details are available as yet.

Circles: 'Clouds are Gathering' jam video


Circles have published a video of themselves rehearsing their song 'Clouds are Gathering' on their YouTube channel. Watch it below. The audio featured in the video is the recorded version of the song. The band announced last week that they had signed to Basick Records and are currently working on their upcoming EP 'The Compass', slated for release in Spring 2011.


Periphery: 'Icarus Lives!' jam with Monuments


Periphery have uploaded a video of drummer Matt Halpern jamming 'Icarus Lives' with John Browne and Mike Malyan of Monuments. Watch it below. The bands are currently touring the UK together with TesseracT as part of the League of Extraordinary Djentlemen tour.


Animals as Leaders: jam with The Mars Volta sax player


Metal Injection has posted a video of Animals As Leaders jamming out with Adrian Terrazas Gonzalez, sax player of The Mars Volta, on the band's track 'On Impulse', featured on their self-titled debut album. Watch it below. The video was recorded on January 15th at NAMM 2011 in Anaheim, California, USA. Another live video of the band was posted earlier.


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