Formed in Late 2016 by 5 music students in NYC, TinderGodz is a jazz/metal band creating new, progressive improvised music.
We focus on combining colorful improvisation and extended solos with heavy, loud grooves.
Our latest EP, "The Emergence" is available via Bandcamp as a free download.


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The Emergence EP
Self-released January 29, 2017


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David Maxim Micic: EP update video with guest solo by Vasil Hadzimanov


David Maxim Micic has posted another update video about his upcoming EP 'Bilo', which is planned to be released by the end of this month, on his Youtube channel. Watch it below. The video features a guest keyboards solo on the song 'Bilo: Part III' by Vasil Hadzimanov. An update video, featuring a guest guitar solo by Jakub Żytecki was posted earlier.

Liquorworks recruit new keyboard player


Liquorworks, formerly a solo project by Kosti Aho, is now a duo with the addition of keyboardist Panu Rauhala (Grand Discovery, session musician for Abysmalia and Ground Frame) to the lineup. The project's latest full-length album 'Nonsense' was released in April this year, and is available for free download.

Download 'Nonsense' from

Textures recruit new keyboard player


Textures report on their Myspace page that they have recruited Uri Dijk as their new keyboard player. He had already been playing with the band as a stand in at their festival performances this summer. About this, the band write: [i]"To see Richard leave shortly after the departure of Eric, was quite a blow for us. Richard was a part of the band from the beginning, so it would feel pretty weird to fit a new person in that role.

Textures keyboard player leaves the band


Textures report that their keyboard player Richard Rietdijk has left the band. This news comes a few months after vocalist Eric Kalsbeek's departure. The band have recruited Daniël De Jongh (ex-CiLiCe) as their new vocalist in the meantime.

About his departure, Richard says: There are other projects (music and other) I’ve been wanting to do for a while now and currently the time and effort it takes to be in the band is in the way of me achieving those. I want to thank all you fans for your continued support and making this journey as awesome as it has been.

The band state: After 10 very great years, it is sadly finally so... our synths & samples-maestro is leaving. We will miss Richard a lot, especially his laugh and his awesome humour. [...] We know Richard will have a great time doing the other things he really loves, but meanwhile our tourbus is going to keep hitting the road... we are unstoppable!

Full statements from Richard and from the band are available on the band's website. They indicate that they are currently writing a new album, and will now start looking for a new keyboard player. They have also announced the first two shows with their new vocalist:

July 3rd - Fortarock, Nijmegen, Netherlands
July 24th - Sikelian Hell, Palermo Italy

Read the announcement on

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