Skyharbor: album details revealed, new lineup and debut show announced


Keshav Dhar of Skyharbor has announced on Facebook that drummer Anup Sastry has joined the band. Moreover, he revealed that Skyharbor's debut album will be released on November 20th, 2011. He states: "We will be doing a VERY limited run of CDs specifically for this event [the band will be performing live at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender Festival on the 20th of November][i], so make sure you're there at the show to get your physical copy!

Euroblast festival trailer video, Syranic added to lineup


Syranic have been added to the lineup of this year's edition of Euroblast festival, which takes place in Cologne, Germany on October 21st-22nd. They will play on the blue stage (main stage) on Saturday, before Xerath. The band also played at the festival last year.

In addition, the festival organisation has released a trailer video. Watch it below. A time schedule for this year's edition was posted earlier.

Euroblast festival: time schedule and travel information available


The organisers of Euroblast festival, which takes place in Cologne, Germany on October 21st and 22nd this year, have released a time schedule for both days. View it below. They have also added updated travel information to their website. The festival features two stages, the blue stage (main stage) and the yellow stage. The time schedule was drawn up to minimise overlaps between bands.

Friday 21/10

15:35 Workshop 1
15:50 Shattered Skies
16:35 Workshop 2
16:55 Destiny Potato
17:35 Disconcrete
17:50 Panzerballett
18:30 Subversion
19:00 Sybreed
19:40 Uneven Structure
20:15 Vildhjarta
20:50 Aliases
21:25 Mnemic
22:15 Chimp Spanner

Saturday 22/10

14:00 Workshop 3
15:00 Workshop 4
15:35 Xerath
16:00 Illucinoma
16:30 Devastating Enemy
16:55 Afekth
17:25 Kryn
17:55 Cruentus
18:25 Proghma-C
18:55 The Algorithm
19:30 Monuments
20:10 Visions
20:50 TesseracT
21:25 Disperse
22:05 Textures

View the travel information on

Xerath complete Euroblast festival lineup


Xerath have just been announced as special guest for this year's edition of Euroblast festival, which takes place in Cologne, Germany on October 21st-22nd. This is the final addition to the festival lineup, which features 24 bands in total. View the festival poster with the full lineup below. Tickets are available from the Euroblast festival website.

Euroblast festival: eight more bands confirmed, tickets available


Eight more bands have been added to the lineup of this year's edition of Euroblast festival, which will take place in Cologne, Germany on October 21st-22nd. They are:

Destiny Potato had already announced earlier that they would play, but now this has also been confirmed by the organisation. A special guest is yet to be announced. In addition, the winner of the band competition will also play, which makes for 24 bands in total. The deadline for competition applications is Monday, June 27th. If you'd like a chance to play at Euroblast festival with your band, make sure to apply before then.

Next to these live performances, there will also be special workshops with Rémi Gallego of The Algorithm, David Maxim Micic of Destiny Potato, Jakub Żytecki of Disperse and members of Monuments. More details about these will be announced soon.

A new festival website has been launched today, and can be viewed at A limited number of early bird ticket packages are now available for ordering from the website. They include a festival ticket, an exclusive T-shirt (or girlie), and an exclusive poster. These items are only available as part of this package, and are not for sale separately.

The package costs € 49 (£ 43.70, $ 70.00 at the time of writing) excluding shipping, and is only available through PayPal. It can also be collected at the festival itself, to save on shipping costs. More information is available on the festival website. Packages will be shipped on August 1st. Regular tickets will go on sale at a later date (and other payment methods will then be available as well).

The full festival lineup can be seen below. A time schedule will be made available soon.

Afekth - Aliases - Chimp Spanner - Cruentus - Destiny Potato - Devastating Enemy - Disconcrete - Disperse - Illucinoma - Kryn - Mnemic - Monuments - Panzerballett - Proghma-C - Subversion - Sybreed - The Algorithm - TesseracT - Textures - Uneven Structure - Vildhjarta - Visions

+ band competition winner
+ special guest

Tardive Dyskinesia recruit new members, drum cam videos available


Tardive Dyskinesia report on their Myspace page that drummer Nick Argyropoulos and guitarist Steve Lado have joined the band to replace Stavros Rigos and Fotis Tsakos, who left earlier this year. They have also uploaded two drum playthrough videos (featuring the new drummer) of the songs 'Complicity' and 'Downfall', both from their 2009 effort 'The Sea of See Through Skins'. Watch them below. The band are currently working on their next full-length album.

Read the blog post on Myspace.

Euroblast festival: six more bands confirmed


Six more bands have been announced for the 7th edition of Euroblast festival, which will take place on October 21st and 22nd in Cologne, Germany. They are Disperse (featuring Jakub Żytecki), Uneven Structure, Sybreed, Mnemic, Proghma-C and, despite the recent announcement, Monuments.

Cyclamen have unfortunately had to cancel as they have split up. In total, 14 bands have been confirmed now. Here's the line-up so far:

More bands, as well as ticket information and a band contest, will be announced soon. We recently posted a video compilation with footage from the previous edition, which can be viewed below.

Read the previous announcement.

Euroblast festival: first names announced, footage from last edition


The Euroblast team has announced the first names for the djent/progressive themed 7th edition of Euroblast Festival, which will take place in Cologne, Germany on October 21st-22nd. This year, the festival will last 2 days for the first time.

The following bands have been confirmed: Textures, Chimp Spanner, Cyclamen, Panzerballett, Devastating Enemy, Subversion, Disconcrete, Afekth and The Algorithm. The Textures show will also be the release show for their fourth album. Rémi Gallego of The Algorithm will play his first ever live set.

Another lineup announcement is to follow in a few weeks.

We have also released a 15 minute compilation video featuring footage of the previous edition of the festival, which took place in Cologne on October 23rd last year. Watch it below, or click through to YouTube for better video quality.

Stealing Axion: new drummer introduction video


The Tacoma, Washington-based band Stealing Axion have found a new drummer to complete their lineup. They have put up a video introducing Blake Ferris on their Youtube page. Watch it below. They had been looking for a drummer since November last year.

Chimp Spanner starts auditioning drummers


As reported earlier, Essex (UK) based Paul Ortiz of Chimp Spanner is looking for a live drummer for the shows he plans to play in the UK and Europe next year. To audition drummers, Chimp Spanner has released drumless versions with metronome of the songs 'Bad Click', 'Harvey Wallbanger' and 'The Mirror' onto Dropbox (links below), asking potential drummers to record their drumming to that song on audio and video. Drummers can upload their results to websites like Youtube and share the URL with Chimp Spanner (e.g.

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