Tre Watson: new song 'Tears of the Almighty' available


Tre Watson of Carthage has uploaded some new solo material to SoundClick: an unmastered version of a song titled 'Tears of the Almighty'. A few days ago, he decided to take a break from writing with Carthage and announced that he would be recording some material for a solo EP.

Listen to 'Tears of the Almighty' on SoundClick.

Friend For A Foe: second instrumental teaser available


Friend For A Foe have posted another instrumental teaser for the song 'The Sky And the Fall' to their Myspace page. It is also available on SoundClick. They had already uploaded a teaser for 'Niacin' last month. Vocals were already supposed to have been recorded, but this has been delayed due to heavy snowfall.

The band are currently working on a 3-track EP to be released this spring, and a full length album is planned for this summer.

Listen to 'The Sky And The Fall' on SoundClick.
Listen to 'The Sky And The Fall' on Myspace.

Centuries Apart: EP teaser, studio video available


Centuries Apart, formerly known as The Memphis West, have uploaded a teaser for their upcoming EP to their SoundClick page. The EP is currently being mixed. They have also uploaded a studio video to their YouTube channel. Watch it below. In the coming weeks, the band will be playing a few gigs with Periphery and Structures in Ontario, Canada.

Listen to the EP teaser on

Periphery: album version of 'Icarus Lives' available

5 has uploaded the album version of the Periphery classic 'Icarus Lives'. Listen to it here. The song has been rerecorded with new vocalist Spencer Sotelo and will be featured on their upcoming self-titled debut album, which will be released on April 20th by Sumerian Records. As we reported, the album version of 'Light' was uploaded to their Myspace page a few days ago.

Listen to 'Icarus Lives' on

An Obscure Signal: new tracks available


An Obscure Signal have released demo versions of two songs, titled 'Time Left' and 'Before The Devil Knows You're Dead'. They are available on their band page at Earlier, they had already uploaded a sampler for their upcoming album to their Myspace page.

The Machinist: new song available


The Machinist have uploaded a new track titled 'Split Seconds' to their Myspace page. As we wrote earlier, the band are currently writing an album. No details about this release have been announced yet.

Listen to 'Split Seconds' on Myspace.

Veil Of Maya post new song "Unbreakable", announce release date


Veil Of Maya have posted a new and seemingly un-mastered track on their Myspace page, titled 'Unbreakable'. The song is featured on their highly antipicated sophomore album 'I.D.', which will be released on April 6th by Sumerian Records. They have also updated their Myspace page layout to reflect this.

Listen to 'Unbreakable' on Myspace.

UPDATE: Sumerian Records has uploaded a short promo video for the album to their YouTube channel. Watch it below.

Elitist: sampler for upcoming EP available


Elitist have uploaded a sampler for their as of yet untitled debut EP to their Myspace page. The band's Twitter page indicates that the recording was already finished last month. Two other songs are available on their Purevolume page. It is unclear whether they will also be featured on the EP.

Listen to the sampler on Myspace.

George Hayduk: new song 'Signals of Hope' available


George Hayduk has uploaded a new song to his Myspace page, titled 'Signals of Hope'. As we reported earlier, he is currently working on a 37 track CD that will be available for free download soon. At the time of writing, the song doesn't seem to be available on his SoundClick page yet.

Listen to 'Signals of Hope' on Myspace.

Tre Watson of Carthage records solo material, new song available


Tre Watson of Carthage has decided to take a break from the band (outside of playing shows) to record some material for a solo EP. He describes the sound as "djenty Sci-fi with a ridiculous amount of influences".

He plans to spend the next year on writing and recording a solo EP with this sound. He has already made some progress, recording one track named "That which is Past predicts future", which is based around UFOs and the fibonacci sequence. Download it here.

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