A-SynC to release 3 new tracks, teaser available


A-SynC will be releasing 3 new tracks at the end of this week. The tracks form a concept suite titled 'Clouds', which consists of:
- Clouds Part 0 : Covering Sky
- Clouds Part 1 : Slow Motion
- Clouds Part 2 : Sunshine Through

A teaser for 'Clouds Part 1' is available on SoundClick.

Mimic: new song 'Antitrust' available


Mimic have uploaded a new track, titled 'Antitrust', to their Myspace page. They have also posted a blog entry to explain its purpose. The song is intended to be the band's first single. Originally, this was going to be the song 'Burn' (which is also available on Myspace). They write: "As many of you know, we're corresponding with Ahrue Luster of Ill Nino, who is sponsoring us to get a record deal. We initially thought that "Burn" had potential to be our first single, but Ahrue didn't think we hit the target with that song."

The band also indicate that they will not be uploading any other new material until their debut album is finished. Another video blog is coming soon.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

Cloudkicker releases new EP


B. M. Sharp, AKA Cloudkicker, has released a new 15 minute EP titled ']]][[['. He writes: "Here's a 'mini release' while I work on something a bit longer." It contains three tracks, titled '#', '%' and '$'. It can be downloaded for free from by clicking here. All tracks are also available for streaming from his Myspace page.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

Tenkan: new track 'Deep' available


Tenkan has uploaded a new track, titled 'Deep', to his ReverbNation page. It is also available on his Myspace page. Tenkan is known mostly for his covers of popular songs. All of his tracks can be downloaded for free from ReverbNation.

Listen to 'Deep' on Myspace.

Invocation: new teaser available on Myspace


A clip of a new song in the making, 'Sector 3', has been added to Invocation's Myspace page. The band are currently writing an EP, which is nearly finished. The recording process will be started very soon. After that, the search for members will begin. The band are currently searching for a drummer and vocalist primarily, and urge anyone who is interested to contact them.

Check out the teaser on their Myspace page.

Carthage drop out of Winds of Plague show, new songs available


Carthage report that they have decided to drop out of the show with Winds of Plague and Despised Icon at the Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland on February 3rd. They are planning some other gigs in the near future. Lead guitarist Tre Watson says: "Yeah it sucks, but it gives us more time to focus on getting everything good and tight, and getting this material the way it needs to be, because i know people will want us at the peak of our game when we go out. don't worry, Outerloop [Management] has been talking to us and wants us to play a few Baltimore shows, possibly the Baltimore stop on the Summer Slaughter Tour."

The band had been planning on releasing a demo with vocals, but it has since been scrapped. They will be redoing some old recordings to improve the drums and the guitar tone. One track off the unreleased demo has been uploaded to SoundClick, listen to it here. In addition, the band has also released several redone tracks, including 'Death in the Night Sky', which is also available on SoundClick.

Finally, they have finished work on a new song, 'Juxtaposition'. It is still a work in progress, but an intermediate version has been uploaded and is available for download at The band have indicated that they appreciate any feedback.

Haunted Shores recruit Chris Barretto, new song available


Haunted Shores have announced that they have recruited ex-Periphery vocalist Chris Barretto. As we reported, Chris left Periphery earlier this year and was replaced by Spencer Sotelo. Apart from handling vocals, he will also be writing music. They have revamped their Myspace page and uploaded a new song featuring Chris: a rough mix of 'When in Oslo'. For the next couple of months, they will be recording the rest of their upcoming full-length album, which is planned to be released this summer.

Listen to 'When in Oslo' on Myspace.
Read the announcement on Myspace.

Permillisecond miss Periphery show, new song teaser available


Permillisecond were supposed to support Veil of Maya, Periphery, Circle of Contempt and Animals As Leaders last Friday at The Warehouse in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Unfortunately, they failed to make it because of heavy snowfall. A lot of other concertgoers canceled their pre-ordered tickets because they were caught in a snow storm. The band's drummer has documented his attempts to get to the show and compiled them into a 6 minute YouTube video. Watch it below. The video features a teaser of a new song near the end.

After The Burial: live footage of new song 'My Frailty' available


Some live footage of After The Burial debuting a new song titled 'My Frailty' has been uploaded to YouTube. Watch it below. It was recorded at the London Music Hall in London, Canada on January 24th, where the band played a show with Emmure, Terror, Thick as Blood and Miss May I.

After The Burial are currently writing and recording a new album. A preproduction video was posted earlier.

Mnemic: audio interview available


Mnemic's vocalist Guillaume Bideau was recently interviewed by the Infernal Masquerade webzine.

In the interview, he talks about the band's latest release Sons of the System and delves into a lot of other topics like touring, what his goals and perspectives were when he joined the band, and whether most of the band members speaking a different language posed any problems.

You can download the whole interview in WAV format here. Sound quality is unfortunately lacking.

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