Cyclamen: new song from Wellerhill session available


Cyclamen have uploaded a new song titled 'Let Go' to their Myspace page. It was recorded with Wellerhill production (Dan Weller and Justin Hill, ex-SikTh) at Fortress studio. Dan Weller has also contributed a guitar lead. The song is to be featured on an upcoming split with Haunted Shores (featuring Misha Mansoor, AKA Bulb).

The band have promised to publish a studio diary soon. They are currently waiting for Haunted Shores to finish their recording before uploading the other song off the split. The (translated) lyrics for 'Let Go' can be found below (click 'Read more'). They have also indicated that they are now gig ready, which is what they wanted to accomplish before continuing to work on their debut full-length album 'Senjyu'. They are looking for gigs starting from the second half of March, and they would like to do a tour in August.

X3N: new songs available on Facebook


X3N have uploaded two previously unheard tracks to their Facebook page, despite indicating earlier that they would not be uploading any new material until it has been recorded professionally. The band are currently working on their debut album, due in early 2010. Their first studio diary entry is available on their Myspace page.

Listen on Facebook.

TesseracT: new song 'Deception' available on Myspace


TesseracT have uploaded another song off their upcoming debut album 'One', titled 'Deception - Concealing Fate Part Two', to their Myspace page. As we reported, the song was aired on radio earlier tonight. It is also featured on next month's Metal Hammer UK cover CD. TesseracT's debut album is to be released in early 2010.

A video featuring the song, accompanied by pictures of the band's performances, is available on Facebook.

The lyrics of the song are as follows:

Deception - Concealing Fate Part 2
So my demons your time has come
You will find me lay here
You and I both entwined
How refined an encounter
You ignite within my mind
With one desire
When it falls into place
Rush of fear takes over
Suddenly you succumb to impatience
And Surrender
So my demons your time has come

Listen to it on Myspace.

UPDATE: the song is now also available on YouTube. Listen below.

worC: new song available


worC, AKA Auré Pereira of Uneven Structure, has uploaded a new song titled 'Coherence' to his SoundClick page. He writes:
"Finally uploading something new! Testing out a new mix as well as different riff ideas. This is totally different from what I'm used to doing but whatever, who cares anyway!"

Listen to it on SoundClick.

InertiaEffect: new song 'Symbiotic / Self Image' available


Tim Kramer of InertiaEffect has uploaded a new track titled 'Symbiotic / Self Image' to his Myspace page. The version that is currently available is still a work in progress. He is also working on an EP which should be released by mid 2010.

Listen to 'Symbiotic / Self Image' on Myspace.

Mnemic: new album available for streaming


All tracks off Mnemic's upcoming album Sons of the System have been made available on their Myspace page. Two tracks, 'Diesel Uterus' and 'March of the Tripods', were already available earlier. The album will be released by Nuclear Blast Records on 15th January in Europe, and 26th January in North America.


TesseracT: new song 'Deception' to feature on radio, Metal Hammer cover CD


TesseracT have announced that a new song off their long-awaited debut album, One, will be featured on radio next week. It will be played during a show called 'The Danger Zone with Maz Star', on Tuesday January 12th, between 18:00-21:00 GMT (1PM-4PM EST, 10AM-1PM PST, 19:00-22:00 CET). The song is called 'Deception', and apparently it pertains the album version of 'Concealing Fate Part 2'.

To tune in, surf to and click one of the links near 'Listen' in the top banner.

UPDATE for UK users: the song will also be featured on the Metal Hammer cover CD next month, available in stores on January 21st.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

The Machinist: new clips available on Myspace


Tom Still (from Invocation)'s other band "The Machinist " have been very busy writing and have uploaded a few tasters from the upcoming album. Two new clips are available available; one is from a song called "Split Seconds", the other is from an as yet untitled track.

Check them out on the band's Myspace.

Audio Collapse: part of new song "Panorama" available


Audio Collapse have uploaded part of a new song, titled "Panorama", to their Youtube channel. Presumably, the song will be included on the EP they are currently recording (as we reported earlier). Listen below.

Bleeding Skies: new song 'Let me go' available


Darren Cruickshank from Bleeding Skies has uploaded a new song, titled 'Let me go', to his Soundclick page.

Listen to it on Soundclick or on his Myspace page.

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