Melakartha: new track 'Dreamcake'


Musician/Producer, Sridharan Ravichandran, has released yet another Melakartha track today. The new song is featured on his new Soundcloud page and is called "Dreamcake". It is also available for download.

Ravichandran is using Schecter Blackjack with stock pickups, directly mic'd from Blackstar HT-5, using a Shure SM58, and impulsed with Guitarhack impulses. Drums are Superior 2.0 .

Listen to Dreamcake on SoundCloud.

Melakartha releases new track 'Stellar'


Sridhar of Melakartha has uploaded a new track titled 'Stellar' to his Soundclick page. About this, he writes on his blog: "after trashing a couple song ideas, and spending hours trying to find that ‘liquid’ sound, Stellar finally found its place. Mixed it in less than a day, so pardon rough edges if any. Pretty pleased with the mix overall." You can listen to all of Melakartha's work (10+ tracks) on his website.

Listen to 'Stellar' on Sridhar's Website.
Listen to 'Stellar' on SoundClick.

Melakartha: play-through video of 'Infidel' available


Sridharan Ravichandran of Melakartha has just put up a video of himself playing his latest track 'Infidel'. Watch it below. The song is also available on SoundClick, as we reported earlier.

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