Tommy Plummer parts ways with Excessum


Excessum report that guitarist Tommy Plummer has sadly decided to leave the band and is now pursuing his own solo path in music. A full statement from the band can be read at their Myspace blog. They also write that some new material will be revealed soon. The band are currently working on their debut album.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

Uneven Structure looking for new vocalist


Uneven Structure have announced on their Myspace page that they are looking for a new vocalist to join their ranks.The band are currently recording their debut full-length album Februus, and have a few gigs planned, including an appearance at this year's edition of Euroblast festival.

The band's vocalist situation was unclear of late; vocals for their well-received debut EP 8 were handled by Vildhjarta vocalist Daniel "Mynd" Ädel. They urge anyone who is interested to contact them by email, on .

Read the announcement on for more information.

Vira part ways with guitarist


Vira report that one of their guitarists, Daniel Leszkowicz, is leaving the band. Daniel also writes and plays guitar for Scarred By Beauty, who are becoming more and more active of late. About this, the band say: "We've never questioned Daniel's passion for Vira but in the long run, his heart would be with Scarred By Beauty. We have always been aware of that fact, because he started SBB from scratch and is the main writer in the band." He will be replaced by Victor Salomonsen (ex-Mudslide).

Read the announcement on Myspace.

Textures to announce new frontman next week


Textures have indicated that they will announce their new frontman next week. Vocalist Eric Kalsbeek left the band in January to focus on his job and his family. The announcement came right after the band played Russia and India, and released a best of album 'Extracts 2004-2009' exclusively in India. The announcement also caused the release of the band's 4th full-length album to be pushed back to early 2011.

Xerath announce new bass player


Xerath have announced that they have recruited Chris Clarke as their new bass player. A while back, Andy Phillips (guitars) decided to take a step back, and the band's bassist Owain Williams took his place. This left the band without a bass player. During their UK tour in November last year, Nik Wolf from Eidetic Blur filled in; now, they have found a permanent replacement. Chris had already played with the band supporting Vader in London and at Hammerfest.

The band also indicate that a follow up to their debut album Xerath I is planned for the end of this year. They will be announcing some new shows in the coming weeks.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

Entrosolet: new song "You are (not) Alone" available


Entrosolet have released a new instrumental song titled "You are (not) Alone" to their Myspace page. The band uploaded a demo track titled "Structures" last month. Although the band has a vocalist, none of the songs on their Myspace page feature vocals. There seems to be no indication about whether vocals for these songs will be recorded. George McPherson has joined the band as their drummer in the meantime.

Listen to "You are (not) Alone" on Myspace.

Seven call it quits


Brad Tuttle, vocalist and songwriter of Seven, has announced that they are breaking up. Reasons cited are 'constant internal issues and member changes'. He also indicates that he will still be writing and recording music, although not as frequently because he has to focus on his job.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

Friend For A Foe post FAQ, release information


Friend For A Foe have posted a short FAQ on their Myspace page. In the answers they indicate that they are currently working on a 3-track EP which will be released for free this spring. They are also working on a full-length album which is slated for release this summer. Both will feature vocals by two vocalists, whose names are yet to be revealed. Some speculation on the subject was posted a few weeks ago. The band are still looking to recruit a bassist.

For more information and details, read the post on Myspace.

Hacride announce new drummer, live footage available


Hacride have announced that they have parted ways with their drummer, Olivier Laffond, and have recruited Mike Roponus (Om Mani) to replace him. He had already been filling in for a few months because of Olivier's wife's pregnancy. Olivier has now decided to leave the band, to focus on his new family responsibilities.

The band's vocalist, Samuel Bourreau, writes: "It feels a bit weird for us because we have had the same stable line-up since the band's birth. On top of being a great friend Mike has proved to be one of the best drummer known to us. We are glad to have him as a full member of Hacride." Whether Mike Roponus will remain with Om Mani is unclear for now.

The band introduced their new drummer last Thursday at a show in Toulouse, France. Some video footage of this event is available. It also includes a performance of their song 'On the Threshold of Death', off their sophomore album 'Amoeba'. Watch it below. They have also updated their Myspace page.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

UPDATE: Om Mani have indicated that Mike Roponus will still be playing with them. Read the announcement on their Myspace page.

X3N vocalist quits, 2010 schedule announced


X3N report that one of their vocalists, Corey Todd, has decided to leave the band. Corey states: "I want everyone to know that it was an honour to work with some of the best musicians in Australia in my opinion, and the past year with the band has made me very happy that I've made friends like these guys. Best of luck, brothers." Auditions for a new vocalist will start soon.

Additionally, the band have published a tentative schedule for 2010, which can be found here. It indicates that their debut album will be released in early 2011. It will be produced by Paul Ortiz, AKA Chimp Spanner.

Read the announcements on Myspace.

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