Hjalmar Almgren: new mixtest song


Hjalmar Almgren has posted a new mixtest song, which is available for streaming and for free download from his SoundCloud page. Listen below. His debut EP was released earlier.

Stream/download the song from SoundCloud.

Bulb: two new AxeFX II test clips


Misha Mansoor a.k.a. Bulb has posted two new AxeFX II test clips on his SoundCloud page. Listen to them below. He writes: "[The first one is] a quick clip I whipped up to test the Axefx II in a recording. [...] Guitar is my Bernie Rico Jr. Jekyll 7 string with a set of BKP Aftermath Pickups. Guitar is tuned to Drop Ab. [The second one is for] testing a clean patch i made with the Axefx II. Used my Decibel Javelin 7 string for this test which has a BKP Aftermath set".

Gru: new mixtest clip


Piotrek Gruszka a.k.a. Gru has posted a new mixtest clip on his SoundCloud page. Listen below. An instrumental solo album, titled 'Cosmogenesis' was released last year.

Listen to the mixtest on SoundCloud.

El Scar: 'Nibiru' mixtest


Brighton based El Scar has released a mixtest for the song 'Nibiru' on his SoundCloud page. He writes: [i]"Had this song written for a little while now and wanted to mix something through my new monitors. Plan on tweaking the chug rhythm at the end to make it a bit more interesting but i'll do that at another point. Anyway, lemme know what you think of the mix, as I said this is the first thing I've mixed through my new monitors.

Drewsif Stalin: new clip, mixtest for 'Sweeney'


Drewsif Stalin has posted a mixtest for Sweeney. The 30 second clip can be heard on his SoundCloud page. He is going to be recording with the band. Drums are being recorded today in Chicago and other instruments will be recorded with Drewsif in Baltimore next weekend.

Listen to the Sweeney mixtest on SoundCloud.

Chimp Spannner: 'Welcome to the Fold' mixtest


Paul Ortiz, also known as Chimp Spanner is working on a new album. He has been releasing various mixtests, the latest of which is one for the song 'Welcome to the Fold'. You can listen to the mixtest here on dropbox. The Chimp writes:

Another rough and ready mixtest - some major balance issues going on but mainly trying to work around not having a bass that goes low enough. *thumbs down*

Chimp Spanner releases another short mixtest


Paul Ortiz of Chimp Spanner who is working on a new album has released a short segment that functions as a mixtest which is available on Dropbox. Paul Ortiz was also recently added to the list of profiled musicians on Toontrack. The new album is scheduled for the end of 2010 and will be released by Basick Records.

Listen to the new mixtest here.

El Scar uploads new song


Marc Le Cras, AKA El Scar, a solo musician from Brighton, UK has uploaded a new track to his Myspace page and his Facebook fan page. The track is an updated instrumental version of the album track "The Beginning And The End" the demo version of which has been on his Myspace page for a while. El Scar's debut album The Human Instrumentality Project is due out May 24th.

Listen to "The Beginning And The End" on Myspace.
Listen to the "The Beginning And The End" on Facebook.

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