Monuments, Periphery: High quality LXD footage available


YouTube user FotherMucker00 has uploaded some live footage, recorded at the Vienna, Austria show of the League of Extraordinary Djentlemen tour (featuring Periphery, Monuments and The Safety Fire) on February 17th. Watch it below. The footage was recorded in Full HD (1080p) and has very good image and audio quality, so click through to YouTube to watch it in Full HD.

Monuments: new song 'Memoirs' available


Milton Keynes based Monuments report that a new track of theirs, titled 'Memoirs', can be downloaded for free from MusicGlue. A valid email address is required to receive a download link. Another song titled 'Admit Defeat' is available on the band's Myspace page. Monuments will be appearing at this year's edition of Euroblast festival, in Cologne, Germany on October 23rd.

Download 'Memoirs' from MusicGlue.

UPDATE: the song is now available on YouTube, listen below.

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