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Sensory Amusia: 'A Reinterpretation' video


Australian band Sensory Amusia have published a video for their song 'A Reinterpretation', featuring footage from live shows and rehearsals. Watch it below. The song appears on their self-titled debut EP, which is available for free download from Dropbox.

Download the 'Sensory Amusia' EP from Dropbox.

War from a Harlots Mouth: official video for 'To Age and Obsolete'


War from a Harlots Mouth have released a video for the song 'To Age and Obsolete' off their latest full-length album, titled 'MMX'. Watch it below. The video shows footage from the '2010 Never Say Die!' Tour in Karlsruhe, Germany. It was recorded in 720p, so click through to watch on YouTube for better quality. It is also available on Vimeo.

I the Breather: 'Forgiven' music video (updated)


I the Breather have posted a music video for their song 'Forgiven', which is the opening track off their debut full-length album 'These Are My Sins', which was released by Sumerian Records earlier this week. Watch it below. The band are currently touring the US with King Conquer, Thick As Blood, In the Midst of Lions, Burning The Masses and As Blood Runs Black.

UPDATE: A two-minute behind the scenes video is also available, watch it below.

Periphery to film video for 'Jetpacks Was Yes' (updated)


Periphery have indicated that they will be recording a new music video today. They have not revealed which song the video will be for. A hint on Twitter seems to point to 'Jetpacks Was Yes', the fourth track off their self-titled debut album, which was released by Sumerian Records last April. After the release of the band's first music video for 'Icarus Lives', guitarist Misha Mansoor had already mentioned that this song would be next.

UPDATE: the band have confirmed that the video is for 'Jetpacks Was Yes'.

View the announcement on Twitter.

Cyclamen: 'The Seeker' playthrough video, 'With Our Hands' music video preview


Cyclamen have published two new videos. The first is a playthrough video for their song 'The Seeker', which appears on their recently released debut full-length album 'Senjyu'. The second is a 30 second preview clip of the music video for 'With Our Hands', off the same album, which is scheduled to be released in December. Both videos can be watched below.

Periphery: Making of 'Icarus Lives' video uploaded


Killswitch Productions have uploaded a behind the scenes video showing the making of Periphery's 'Icarus Lives' video.

Watch the 'making of' video on Vimeo.

The finished product:

Veil of Maya: video for 'Unbreakable'


Veil Of Maya have published a music video for the song 'Unbreakable', the second track off their newest album '[id]'. The album was released by Sumerian Records in April this year.

Watch the video on Myspace.

UPDATE: the video is also available on YouTube now, watch it below.

Elitist: Caves 'behind the scenes' video


Elitist have posted a 'behind the scenes' video, documenting the making of the music video for the title song off their debut EP, 'Caves'. Watch it below. The band released their debut EP on July 20th.

Afekth reveal upcoming album details


Afekth guitarist Maikh has posted an announcement on the band's Myspace page in which he reveals their plans for a new full-length album. The album will contain 11-12 songs, with a total playtime of about 50 minutes. The band will publish video updates about the recording as it progresses.

They are also preparing their first music video, for the song 'Orpheus', which can be listened to on their Myspace page. A trailer will be made available soon.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

Circle of Contempt record video for 'Concealed', footage available


Circle of Contempt have posted some footage from the recording of the official music video for their song 'Concealed', off their debut album Artifacts in Motion which was released last year by Sumerian Records. Watch it below. The video was directed by Jakob Arevärn.

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