Chorder: new track '2 Legit 2 Quit' (updated)


Chorder have uploaded a new track titled '2 Legit 2 Quit' to their Myspace page. Another song titled 'Introduction' is also available for streaming, as well as two more tracks on their Facebook page.

UPDATE: They have also posted another new track 'I'm Old Gregg!' to their MySpace page.

Listen to '2 Legit 2 Quit' on Myspace.

Defect Noises: new album 'Pure Sickness'


Marian Gradinarski of Defect Noises has released a new instrumental album titled 'Pure Sickness'. A track from the album titled 'Suffering System' is now streaming on Myspace. The album can be ordered by sending an email to defectnoises at web dot de. The previous Defect Noises album, 'Audio Depressions', was released in January last year.

Listen to 'Suffering System' on Myspace.

Arphael: sample of new song available


Ukrainian solo-instrumentalist Arphael has posted a sample of a new song, titled 'Goddess Touch' on his MySpace page. A new instrumental song titled 'Helios Rising/Awaken' was posted earlier.

Listen to the sample on MySpace.

Arphael: new song 'Helios Rising / Awaken'


Ukrainian solo-instrumentalist Arphael has posted a new instrumental song titled 'Helios Rising / Awaken' on his Myspace page. He is currently working on an album, about which no details have been revealed so far. A new video featuring some snippets of music and a Meshuggah cover was posted earlier this year.

Listen to 'Helios Rising / Awaken' on Myspace.

Subversion: 'Lest We Forget' available for streaming


Subversion have announced on their Facebook page that the band's debut album 'Lest We Forget' will be available for streaming in full from their Myspace page for a week.

Outcast: new track 'Elements'


Outcast have released a new track, titled 'Elements'. It is avaible on their Myspace and SoundCloud pages, and on YouTube. Listen below. The band recently posted a teaser video for their upcoming album 'Awaken the Reason', which is slated for release this year.

Listen to the track on SoundCloud.
Listen to the track on Myspace.

Fall In Archaea: new song 'The Messenger'


Canadian progressive metal band Fall In Archaea have released a new track off their forthcoming album 'Gatherings', titled 'The Messenger'. It is available on their Myspace page and on YouTube, listen below. 'Gatherings' will be available on January 25th and is currently available for preorder.

Listen to 'The Messenger' on Myspace.

Re:inanimate: new track 'Dust' with vocals


Sergio H. of Re:inanimate has uploaded a version of a previously instrumental song titled 'Dust' with vocals. It is available on his Myspace page and on The vocalists are Scott C. from Denver, Colorado, USA, and Pablo Pastor from Plasencia, Spain. The instrumental version was released last month.

Listen to 'Dust' with vocals on Myspace.
Listen to 'Dust' with vocals on

Worldwaker: new demo track 'Crush'


Swiss five piece worldwaker have uploaded a second demo track titled 'Crush' to their Myspace page. The band claim to be influenced by The Black Dahlia Murder and Meshuggah, amongst others. A new version of an older demo track titled 'The Arson' is also available. Both demo tracks are instrumental.

Listen to the demo track on Myspace.

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