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Sean Hall: 'Terrestrial' song preview clip


Elitist guitarist Sean Hall has posted a preview clip for his upcoming release titled 'Terrestrial' to his YouTube channel. Watch it below. 'Terrestrial' will be a 5-track EP that will be released within the next year. Elitist recently posted a guitar playthrough for the song 'Pulse'.

Watch the preview and other videos on Youtube.

Dr. Slaggleberry: new clip available


Dr Slaggleberry have posted a 3-minute clip of an unreleased track on their YouTube page. Listen below. The band are currently working on their upcoming album, of which no further details are available as yet. An album snippet video was posted earlier.

Tradjectory: studio diary video, new clip available


Tradjectory have uploaded a studio diary video featuring the recording process of guitars for their upcoming EP on their Youtube channel. Watch it below. The band have also posted an intro clip of a new track, titled 'Ode To The Fallen (Pt.1)' on their Facebook and ReverbNation pages.

Chimp Spanner: new snippet 'Disturbing' (updated)


Paul Antonio Ortiz, a.k.a. Chimp Spanner has posted a new short clip on his Dropbox account. You can listen to the clip 'Disturbing' here. Chimp Spanner is working on a new EP that will be released later this year by Basick Records.

UPDATE: He also posted a sampler of "bits and pieces" on Dropbox.

Listen / download the clip 'Disturbing'.
Listen / download the sampler.
Chimp Spanner on Facebook.

Afekth: news update, new clip available


Polish band Afekth have posted a news update on their Myspace page, in which they announce, among other things, a new promo by the end of February, their move to Facebook and their first gig of the year. They have also posted a new intro demo on guitarist Maciej Dymus' SoundCloud page.

Read the update on Myspace.

Kevin Suter: new clip 'Holy Wat'


Kevin Suter has uploaded a two minute clip titled 'Holy Wat' to Dropbox. Whether the clip will be turned into a full song at some point is unclear for now. He recently released a new EP titled 'Novus Initium', which is available for free download from Bandcamp.

Stream / download the clip from Dropbox.
Download 'Novus Initium' from Bandcamp.

Bulb: new song clips, new Periphery album teaser


Periphery guitarist Misha 'Bulb' Mansoor has uploaded three new clips to his SoundClick page. The first two, 'The Moonstar' and 'Make Total Destroy!' are rough clips of new song ideas. The third is a teaser "of things to come for Periphery's second album". He also writes that the band will not be releasing a lot of material on beforehand, as was the case with their self-titled debut album.

Listen to 'The Moonstar' on SoundClick.
Listen to 'Make Total Destroy!' on SoundClick.
Listen to the second Periphery album teaser on SoundClick.

Shadow Of Intent: new mix test clip


Shadow Of Intent guitarist Hjalmar Almgren has posted a new mix test clip on his SoundClick page. He writes: "This is close to the mix we're gonna use on our EP that will be released sometime during 2011. I just tuned my JP6 guitar to drop C.. This is what came out.." A full instrumental track was posted in October.

Listen to the clip on SoundClick.

Chimp Spanner: new clip 'Sleaze'


Paul Ortiz of Chimp Spanner has once again uploaded a short clip of song material that will possibiy end up on the new Chimp Spanner album. The clip is called 'Sleaze' and can be streamed and downloaded from Dropbox. Paul Ortiz is keeping a studio diary for the third Chimp Spanner album on Blogspot. This is one of many clips/snippets/mix test for the new album which can all be found on his SoundClick page.

Friend For A Foe: Axe FX tone tests available


Friend For A Foe have posted a series of tone test clips on SoundClick, recorded with the Axe FX. One of them also features vocals. Listen to them on SoundClick, in chronological order:

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