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Cyclamen: second session with Travis Orbin, videos available


Cyclamen have posted an update on their Myspace page, in which they indicate that they are preparing for their first gig with TesseracT in March. The band are currently putting the finishing touches on their split EP with Haunted Shores. They are working on the artwork, and one more track.

There has also been a second session with Sky Eats Airplane and ex-Periphery drummer Travis Orbin, of which several videos are available on YouTube. Watch them below. More information and drum set transcriptions for each song are available in the video descriptions.

Read the update on Myspace.

Friend For A Foe: lineup rumours, upcoming EP and album


In the wake of recent line-up changes from multiple bands, discussions on several online forums and blog posts have hinted at the possibility of Chris Barretto taking on dual-vocal duty for Haunted Shores as well as Washington DC-based Friend For A Foe. As we reported, Chris Barretto recently left Periphery and was announced to have joined Haunted Shores 2 weeks later.

Friend For A Foe was, until recently, a one man project by Chris Purvis. A recent announcement on Myspace indicates that this is about to change; Chris started a US-based nationwide search for members, to turn the project into a full-fledged band.

Some people have noticed a strong correlation and "buddy buddy" demeanor between FFaF, Haunted Shores, and Chris Barretto via MySpace and Facebook in recent weeks. When queried, Chris Purvis did confirm that the line-up was finalized and neither confirmed or denied Chris Barretto's involvement, but did urge listeners to stay tuned for an upcoming announcement.

The FFaF lineup consists of two vocalists, two guitarists, and a drummer. The bass player situation is still unclear; Chris stated, "one of the vocalists will be handling both vocal and bass duties until we hold auditions for a more permanent member. I'm very happy to announce the members soon as these are some of the best musicians/vocalists I've ever had the privilege of working with. I'm sure the new FFaF won't disappoint you guys... the new material we're writing is so much more intricate and heavier than what's already available."

A free three-track EP is also in the works. It will likely be released and available for free download once the lineup announcement is made. Chris also stated, "A full-length CD is in the works, to be released by late spring / early summer with some new material as well as new versions of older songs ... this means all the songs with vocals on Myspace/Soundclick will be rerererecorded and the lyrics/vocals will also be rewritten and recorded. Recording is very much underway so be sure to stick around for the free EP as well as an album sampler very soon!"

Cloudkicker releases new EP


B. M. Sharp, AKA Cloudkicker, has released a new 15 minute EP titled ']]][[['. He writes: "Here's a 'mini release' while I work on something a bit longer." It contains three tracks, titled '#', '%' and '$'. It can be downloaded for free from by clicking here. All tracks are also available for streaming from his Myspace page.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

Bleeding Skies working on free EP


Darren Cruickshank from Bleeding Skies has indicated that he is currently working on an EP with Gareth Edwards, who presumably will be taking care of the vocals. It will be available for free. A couple of songs are available on the project's Myspace and Soundclick pages. At the moment, it is unknown which of these will be featured on the EP, if any.

Source: Myspace

Volumes announce EP, lineup change


Volumes have announced their self titled debut EP 'Volumes', which will be released on March 1st. The band had originally planned to release an EP called 'The Concept of Dreaming' in December, but a while ago they indicated that there had been a change of plans. They have uploaded a new version of 'Wormholes' to their Myspace page, as well as a new song called 'Through The Trees'. A new version of 'Intake' is coming soon.

Volumes have also seen a lineup change: Daniel Braunstein, previously on guitars, has been replaced by Daniel Schwartz. He will still write music for the band, however, and he is now their producer and engineer.

Listen to 'Wormholes' and 'Through The Trees' on Myspace.
Read the announcement on Myspace.

The Safety Fire: new interview available


Mirovia Magazine has published an interview with The Safety Fire, in which they discuss their EP 'Sections', their gear and the writing process.

Read the interview on
Read the announcement on Myspace.

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