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Ovid's Withering: EP teaser available


Ovid's Withering have uploaded a teaser for their upcoming, as yet untitled 4-track debut EP on their SoundCloud and Facebook pages. Listen below. Another track, titled 'The Omen of Lycaon' was posted last year.

Shattered Skies: upcoming EP details, release date announced


Shattered Skies have unveiled the track listing and release date for their upcoming debut EP. It will be titled 'Reanimation' and will be released for free download on May 8th. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Beneath the Waves
2. Delusions
3. Attrition
4. Chasing After Time
5. Take the Beaten Path
6. This is What We Built

The 2nd and 3rd track off it, titled 'Attrition' and 'Delusions' were posted earlier.

Circles: update about EP release dates, new trailer video


Basick Records have released an update regarding the release date of their latest signing Circles's debut EP 'The Compass'. The EP will be available on May 16th through the Basick online store as announced before, and preorders will be sent out to arrive on or shortly after that date. In addition, official retail release dates have been announced: the EP will be available in stores in Australia on June 24th, and physical and digital stores in the rest of the world will follow on June 27th. The full announcement from Basick Records can be read below.

The band have also released a new promo trailer video for the EP, which can be watched below.

Behold Oblivion: debut EP re-released, available for free download


Behold Oblivion have re-released their 5-track debut EP titled 'The Infinite Being', which is available for free download from Mediafire. This version features two bonus tracks, titled 'No One Left' and 'Warden', which were released earlier by the band.

Beheading Of A King: new track 'Quasar'


Beheading Of A King have released the title track for their upcoming 6-track EP, titled 'Quasar'. Listen below. This song is featured on the Extensive! compilation, which is available for free download from its official webstore. The track features vocals from former vocalist Mathieu Paquette, who passed away earlier this year. The band's EP is planned to be released later this year.

Covenants: 'World Of Augury' EP released


Covenants have released their 4-track debut EP titled 'World Of Augury', which is available for streaming and for download from the band's Bandcamp and Facebook pages. Listen below. A new track off it, titled 'Age Of Salvation' was posted earlier.

Vinny And The Svobodas: debut EP released, available for free download (updated)


Vinny Svoboda of Vinny And The Svobodas has released his 5-track debut EP titled 'Stories From The Farside', which is available for free download from his Bandcamp page. Listen below. The first track off it, titled 'I Have Regrets', along with a cover of Salt-N-Pepa's song 'Push It' were posted earlier.

El Scar: 'God's In His Heaven, All's Right With The World' EP released


Marc Le Cras of El Scar has released his new 7-track EP titled 'God's In His Heaven, All's Right With The World', which is available for streaming and for a 'pay what you want' download from his Bandcamp page. Listen below. It is also available in a limited number of 50 physical copies.

Friend For A Foe: update about EP delay


Chris Purvis of Friend For A Foe has posted an explanation for the delays of the band's debut EP 'The Sky And The Fall' on his Facebook page. Reasons for the delay include legal issues regarding some videogame sound clips used for their song 'Fallout', the re-tracking of all the instrumentals due to differing mixes and the consequent failure of their equipment, the commitment of Chris Purvis in the US Navy, the recent departure of drummer Jason Novalis and the search for a replacement, and more. He has also announced that the band's first single 'For Less' will be released in the near future.

Read the full update from Facebook.

Broken Torment: debut EP released, available for free download


Broken Torment have released their self-titled 4-track debut EP, which is available for free download from Mediafire, as a .rar and .zip archive. A track off the EP, titled 'Bound by Blood' was posted earlier.

Download the EP from Mediafire (.zip version).

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