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Corelia: upcoming EP details revealed


Corelia have posted details of their upcoming debut EP on the band's Facebook page. The 6-track EP will be titled 'Nostalgia', and the cover art can be viewed below. No further specific details about the release date have been announced as yet, though the EP is planned to be released this month. The 'Nostalgia' EP track listing is as follows:

1. Deciduous
2. Treetops
3. The Sound of Glaciers Moving
4. Red Sky Harbor
5. Mute Swan
6. Blood Petals

A series of studio/recording videos about the recording of the EP was posted earlier last month.

Monarchist: EP teaser available


German solo instrumentalist Moritz Mispagel of Monarchist has uploaded a one-minute teaser for his upcoming debut EP, titled 'Develish Desire', to his Youtube channel page. Listen below. No release date has been announced as yet. Other songs and clips are available on his SoundClick page.

Monarchist on Myspace.

Returning We Hear the Larks: upcoming EP details


Jak Noble of Returning We Hear the Larks has unveiled some details about his upcoming release. The 4-track EP will be titled 'Proud England' and it is planned for release in March. The artwork can be viewed below. A short teaser for it was posted earlier.

Bermuda: new track 'Parasitic' featuring Michael Barr of Volumes


Bermuda have posted a new track, titled 'Parasitic', with vocals provided by Michael Barr of Volumes. Listen below. It is also available on the band's Facebook and ReverbNation pages. As stated on the Volumes Facebook page, they have recently signed to Mediaskare Records and they will probably release a new EP this year.

Corelia: second EP video update


Corelia have posted the second in a series of studio/recording videos leading up to their upcoming debut EP. Watch it below. The video features guitar, bass, and a little bit of vocal tracking for their new material. The EP is expected to be finished sometime in March. The first video was posted earlier this month.

Read the band's post on Facebook.

Lee Carmichael: new sample track available


British solo guitarist and songwriter Lee Carmichael has uploaded a two minute sample track to his SoundCloud page. It will be featured on his upcoming debut EP, of which no further details have been revealed as yet. Another track titled 'Moment of Inertia' was posted earlier last year.

Listen to the sample track on SoundCloud.

Aardvarks Anonymous: new track 'Unblowuppable'


Aardvarks Anonymous AKA Chad Haynes has published a new track, titled 'Unblowuppable' on his Youtube channel page. Listen to below. A downloadable version is available on Newgrounds. This track will be featured as the 3rd track off his upcoming 6-track debut EP, titled 'Glowing Water Rats'.

Outrun The Sunlight: new tracks available, EP details announced


Outrun The Sunlight have uploaded two new tracks, titled 'Quark I: Ultra-Violet Power Violence' and 'Quark II: Ten Billion Years', on their SoundCloud, Facebook, and Youtube channel pages. Listen below. These two songs will be featured respectively as the 1st and 2nd track off the band's upcoming debut EP, titled 'Architecture Of The Cosmos', for which a release date is yet to be announced. The EP will be available for download on the band's Bandcamp page in a "pay what you want" scheme.

Listen to 'Quark I: Ultra-Violet Power Violence' on SoundCloud.
Listen to 'Quark II: Ten Billion Years' on SoundCloud.

Friend For A Foe: 'Idle Hands' pre-production snippet


Friend For A Foe have posted a pre-production snipped for a new track, titled 'Idle Hands', on their SoundClick page. They write: "Just a little sample of one of our songs from up and coming 'Sky and the Fall' EP. NOT the final instrumental mix and the vocal mix is far from complete, but thought we should give you guys something since you've been so patient waiting for this EP!".

Beyond The Dust: 'New Dawn' EP available for free download


Beyond The Dust report that their debut EP 'New Dawn' is now available for free download from their official website. The EP contains 6 tracks for a total of 32 minutes playtime. A teaser video was posted earlier. Two of the tracks from the EP are also featured on the Djentlemen's Club Youtube account, listen to 'The Fall' below.

Download the EP from

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