Drewsif Stalin: playthrough video for Katy Perry cover


Drewsif Stalin has posted a cover of Katy Perry's 'E.T.' on his Youtube Channel, which he recorded with Anup Sastry on drums. Watch and listen below. A remixed version of 'Absurdity' was posted earlier.

Elitist: two new playthrough videos


Julian Rodriguez of Elitist has uploaded two new play-through videos, guitar and drums respectively, to his YouTube channel. Watch them below. Elitist will be releasing their next EP 'Earth' this fall.

Visions: guitar play-through video available


UK-based Visions have posted a guitar play-through video of a few sections from their debut album 'Home', which was released in July this year via Basick Records. Watch it below. Visions will be playing this year's edition of Euroblast festival and will also be touring the UK with Aliases in late September/early October for the 'Safer Than Home' tour.

No Consequence: playthrough video of new track 'All That's Left'


No Consequence guitarist Dan Reid has posted a video of himself playing through a new pre-production demo track titled 'All That's Left'. Watch it below. The track will be featured on the band's sophomore album, which they are currently working on. It will also be made available for download later this week.

Absent Distance: 'Hyperwill Crisis' playthrough video


Hungarian duo Absent Distance have posted a playthrough video for their track 'Hyperwill Crisis' on their YouTube channel. Watch it below. The band released a new track titled 'It's Sulfur!' last week.

Outcast: live video excerpts from upcoming album


Outcast have posted a video on their YouTube channel featuring five live excerpts of guitarists Nicolas Soulat and Jean-François Di Rienzo playing through some songs from their upcoming album 'Awaken the Reason'. Watch it below. A teaser for the album was posted earlier. It is being mixed by Jochem Jacobs of Textures and will be released this year.

Encircle: 'The Beacon' playthrough video


Anthony "AlucardXIX" DiGiacomo of Encircle has uploaded a guitar playthrough video for the track 'The Beacon' to his YouTube channel. Watch it below. This track will be featured on his upcoming debut 12-track album, titled 'Watch The Sky Fall' which will be released later this year. The original song along with an album update video were posted earlier.

Keith Merrow: 'The Piscator' playthrough video


Keith Merrow has uploaded a playthrough video of the song 'The Piscator' from his 2011 release 'Awaken The Stone King' to his Youtube page. Watch it below. Keith Merrow has uploaded more playthrough videos for songs from that album, including 'Heart of the Sea Nymph', 'Awaken the Stone King' and 'Spirit of the Ancient Siren'.

'Awaken The Stone King' was released on January 1, 2011 and features Jeff Loomis from Nevermore as a guest musician.

Keith Merrow official website.
Keith Merrow on Youtube.

Mirrors: 'Royalty' playthrough video


Mirrors have posted a video of guitarist Kieran Morris playing through their song 'Royalty' on their YouTube channel. Watch it below. The song is featured on their debut self-titled EP, which is available for free download.

Cyclamen: 'Hope' playthrough video


Cyclamen songwriter and guitarist Hayato Imanishi has uploaded a video of himself playing through the band's song 'Hope', off their debut album 'Senjyu'. Watch it below. A playthrough video of song 'Thirst' was released earlier this month.

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