The Tragedy Of The Self

Concatenate - The Tragedy Of The Self [Full-length]
January 10, 2017 - Concatenate Records


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Trust The Lies

Reykjavík, Iceland


Trust the Lies is a young and upcoming band from Iceland. Despite their age the hardcore youngsters have already shared stage with all the biggest and heaviest bands in Iceland. Trying to bring some of their own uniquity and specific sound to their Djenty Hardcore/Metalcore influences. Their EP Just Another Sin (Released 8/3/13) shows a lot of promise for things to come. Without a doubt a group that will not go unnoticed and no Hardcore/Metalcore fan should leave unheard.

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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Just Another Sin EP
Self-released March 9, 2012


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  • trustthelies

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Falling With The Rain


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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Escape from Reality EP
Self-released February 15, 2013
Falling With The Rain Full-length
unsigned November 17, 2013
Afterglow Full-length
unsigned May 30, 2015
Vibe Full-length
Self-released May 19, 2017


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This band needs more fans (at least 20) before recommendations can be made.

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Belgium, Turnhout


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The one constant IN-QUEST have maintained during this musical challenge is the completely diverse sound that refuses to accept standard categorization. People have described it as an enlightened form of Technical Death Metal. All put together, IN-QUEST manages to create a pounding vibe of modern, melodic energy while maintaining an intense level of technical creativity not easily found elsewhere.

"Of all that is written, I love only what one has written with his own blood" - F. Nietzsche

Chapter IIX:
- The Odyssey Of Eternity -


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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Extrusion : Battlehymns Full-length
Teutonic Existence Records January 1997
Operation : Citadel Full-length
Shiver Records January 1999
Destination: Pyroclasm EP
Soulreaper Records January 1, 2003
Epileptic Full-length
Goodlife February 14, 2004
The Comatose Quandaries Full-length
Goodlife/Dockyard 1 June 20, 2005
Made Out Of Negative Matter Full-length
unsigned December 12, 2009
The Liquidation Files EP
unsigned December 11, 2010
8 - The Odyssey of Eternity Full-length
unsigned September 1, 2013


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Cloudkicker: new music snippet available (updated)


Ben Sharp, AKA Cloudkicker, has posted a new snippet of music on his Tumblr blog, along with the words "Here’s your music loop for today." Whether or not this piece of music will be part of a future release is unclear for now. He recently uploaded an altered mix of his EP 'A New Heavenly Body', which is itself a remix of ']]][[['.

UPDATE: two more snippets have been posted in the meantime. It seems that more snippets will follow in the coming days.

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Check out Veil Of Maya on Myspace. to conduct interview with The Safety Fire

4 will be conducting an interview with The Safety Fire, who are currently working on their upcoming debut album 'Grind the Ocean'. Everyone can submit questions they would like the band to answer, by replying to this forum topic. If you want to ask a question, but you don't have a account yet, you can make one in a couple of minutes by clicking here.

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