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The Safety Fire: debut album details, release date announced


The Safety Fire have unveiled the track listing and release date for their upcoming debut album 'Grind the Ocean'. It will feature 9 tracks, and will be released on February 27th in UK/Europe and on February 28th in the US. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Huge Hammers
2. Floods Of Colour
3. DMP (FDP)
4. Anomalous Materials
5. Animal King
6. Circassian Beauties
7. Sections
8. Seagraves
9. Grind The Ocean

Modern Day Babylon: 'The Manipulation Theory' release date announced


Modern Day Babylon have announced on their Facebook page that their debut EP 'The Manipulation Theory' will be released on October 27th via Music Media House. Preorders will start on October 17th. They have also posted a guitar playthrough video of Monuments' song 'Memoirs' to their YouTube channel. Watch it below. A teaser for a new song, titled 'Animals Instincts', was posted earlier.

Read the announcement on Facebook.

Mureau: new song, album release date announced


Mureau have released a new song 'Castles in the Sky' off of their upcoming debut album 'Rumors and Reputations' to Mediaskare's Records YouTube channel. Watch it below. The album will be available in stores and online on November 8th from Mediaskare Records. The band have announced their signing to Mediaskare earlier.

A Total Wall: 'Incide' details revealed, tracklist available


A Total Wall have revealed details about their upcoming 5-track EP 'Incide'. It will be released on September 26th and it will be available for free download from their official website. The track listing is as follows:

1. Resuscitator (4:20)
2. Incide (4:19)
3. Unexpected (5:22)
4. No Error (6:22)
5. To Do (7:30)

An audio teaser for the EP was posted earlier.

Uneven Structure: 'Februus' release date announced (updated)


Basick Records have posted an announcement video about the upcoming Uneven Structure debut album 'Februus'. Watch it below. The album will be released on October 31st with pre-order packages available from September 26th. There will also be special advance copies available at this year's Euroblast Festival on October 21st/22nd. 'Februus' will be a concept album featuring 13 tracks, spanning two discs.

Corelia: 'Nostalgia' release date announced, available for preorder


Corelia have announced on their Facebook page that their upcoming debut EP 'Nostalgia' will be released on September 6th. They write: "Apologies for the wait as we had some offers regarding our release that we couldn't ignore. However, we've decided to stick with our original plan which was to put the EP out on our own [...]". Pre-orders for the physical CD and a bundle package are currently available on the band's Bigcartel store.

Textures: 'Dualism' album details revealed


Textures have announced on their website that their upcoming fourth full-length effort will be titled 'Dualism'. It will be released on September 27th in North America and on September 23rd elsewhere. The cover art for the album can be viewed below. They have also unveiled the track listing for the album:

1) Arms of the Sea
2) Black Horses Stampede
3) Reaching Home
4) Sanguine Draws the Oath
5) Consonant Hemispheres
6) Burning The Midnight Oil
7) Singularity
8 Minor Earth, Major Skies
9) Stoic Resignation
10) Foreclosure
11) Sketches from a Motionless Statue

Read the announcement on

Dot Three: 'Antithesis' tracklist and release date announced


Joe Newham of Dot Three has announced the release date and tracklist for the band's debut album 'Antithesis'. The album will be released by digital download through his Bandcamp page on Friday, July 1st. He says, "It's been difficult getting this far, but I'm excited to finally get it out there and into your collective ears." An album teaser for 'Antithesis' was released earlier, listen to it below.

Aliases: debut album details announced


Aliases have revealed the details for their upcoming 8-track debut album titled 'Safer Than Reality', along with the artwork and the tracklist for it. The album will be released on August 15th, via Basick Records. The track listing is as follows:

1. What's Left for Us?
2. The Reality of Beliefs
3. We Never Should Have Met
4. Refraction
5. All That Glitters is Gold
6. While I Drown
7. The Beginning Has No End
8. Sirens

The band have also announced on their Facebook page that a new track and a music video for their song 'We Never Should Have Met' will be released in the coming few weeks.

Source: Basick Records website.

Pathogenic: new track 'Industrevil' and album release date


Pathogenic have uploaded the first track 'Industrevil' from their upcoming full-length debut album titled 'Cyclopean Imagery' to their Bandcamp page. You can listen to it below. The album is due to be released on May 11th. Pathogenic released 'Live from Atlantis' earlier this year.

Click here to stream 'Industrevil' from Bandcamp.

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