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Shattered Skies: upcoming EP details, release date announced


Shattered Skies have unveiled the track listing and release date for their upcoming debut EP. It will be titled 'Reanimation' and will be released for free download on May 8th. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Beneath the Waves
2. Delusions
3. Attrition
4. Chasing After Time
5. Take the Beaten Path
6. This is What We Built

The 2nd and 3rd track off it, titled 'Attrition' and 'Delusions' were posted earlier.

Circles: update about EP release dates, new trailer video


Basick Records have released an update regarding the release date of their latest signing Circles's debut EP 'The Compass'. The EP will be available on May 16th through the Basick online store as announced before, and preorders will be sent out to arrive on or shortly after that date. In addition, official retail release dates have been announced: the EP will be available in stores in Australia on June 24th, and physical and digital stores in the rest of the world will follow on June 27th. The full announcement from Basick Records can be read below.

The band have also released a new promo trailer video for the EP, which can be watched below.

Digital Mind Project: new track 'Blade'


Roberto Rocha of Digital Mind Project has posted a rough mix of a new track, temporarily titled 'Blade' on his SoundCloud page. This song will be featured on his upcoming 10-track debut EP, titled 'Organic Shadow', which is planned for release on May, 1st. He writes about it: "17 compositions and only 10 are going to be in the album... soon I going to have a demo preview of every track so you guys pick the 10 bests songs for my record".

Last Chance To Reason: new track 'Coded to Fail'


Last Chance To Reason have posted a new track, titled 'Coded to Fail', on their Facebook page, as well as on the SoundCloud page of the band's label. This song will be featured as the 2nd track off their upcoming full-length album, titled 'Level 2', which is scheduled for release on April 12th and is currently available for pre-order on the band's merch store.

Listen to 'Coded to Fail' on Facebook.
Listen to 'Coded to Fail' on SoundCloud.

The Arusha Accord re-sign to Basick Records (updated)


Rock Sound reports that Basick Records has just re-signed British band The Arusha Accord. In addition, they have announced that "[the band will] re-release a whole backlog of material including their debut album 'The Echo Verses', their original debut EP 'Nightmares Of The Ocean', loads of videos, photos and even some drum and guitar/bass tabs on 18 April, via Basick Records.". The band also indicate that they have already begun working on their new full-length album.

UPDATE: an interview with vocalist Paul Green has been posted on the Basick Records tumblr blog.


Scarred By Beauty: album details revealed, teaser available


Scarred By Beauty have posted details about their upcoming debut album, titled 'Sutra' on their Facebook page, along with its release date and official track listing. They write: "Yo Peeps, good news! Scarred By Beauty signs with Danish label Mighty Music. Danish release: March 7th. 2011. European release May/June 2011. [...] 'Sutra' was recorded over 12 days at Hansen Studios (DK) in July/August 2010.".

The 'Sutra' album track listing is as follows:
01. Indika
02. Circle The Reservoir
03. We Swim
04. Oh Brother, I Believe
05. Embers
06. About Words
07. Top Of The Morning
08. A Million Metaphors
09. Woman
10. Mountain

The band have also published a 1-minute teaser for the album to their Youtube channel page. Watch it below. They released a free 3-track EP titled 'We Swim' in 2009. It can be downloaded for free from their official website.

Read the announcement on the band's Facebook page.
Download the 'We Swim' EP from

Hydrodjent changes name to Skyharbor, album demos available


Keshav Dhar of Hydrodjent has announced that the name of his solo project has been changed to Skyharbor. He also reports that he has recruited a full time vocalist. He is working on an album that is slated for release in June this year. Two instrumental demos for the album are available on the project's Myspace page, and a track with vocals will be on the compilation CD of the next issue of Metal Hammer UK.

He writes: "[...] my solo project Hydrodjent has changed its name to Skyharbor, and has found a full time vocalist (Sunneith Revankar from Bhayanak Maut/Amidst The Chaos), and a track of ours from the upcoming album (to be out in June) is going on the Metal Hammer compilation CD in April :)"

Listen to the instrumental demos on Myspace.

Born of Osiris: 'The Discovery' to be released in March


Born of Osiris's label Sumerian Records has announced on Facebook that the band's forthcoming full-length album is titled 'The Discovery' and will be released on March 22nd. The track listing is yet to be announced, and no cover art has been revealed. The album has been in the works for a while and a studio update video was posted in October.

Read the announcement on Facebook.

TesseracT: 'One' release date announced


Drummer Jay Postones from British scene heavyweights TesseracT has announced on our forums that their long-awaited debut album 'One' will be released on March 22nd. is currently hosting a Q&A with the band. An official announcement from Century Media records is expected to follow soon. The label's website currently lists March 18th or March 21st as the release date, depending on the country of the visitor. The full answer and announcement can be found on our forums.

View TesseracT's page on
Read the answer and announcement on our forums.

After The Burial: new album trailer (updated)


Sumerian records have published a new teaser video for the upcoming After The Burial album called 'In Dreams' on their official Youtube channel. The album will be released November 23rd by the label. Earlier album previews became available on Amazon, and a track 'Bread Crumbs and White Stones' was released on

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