Artificial Construct

North Carolina, USA


Artificial Construct is an internet-band split between North Carolina and Ohio.


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Dead Space EP
Self-released May 30, 2016
Lurker Full-length
Self-Released January 26, 2018


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Demo 2012

Forepoint - Demo 2012 [Demo]
February 1, 2012 - unknown


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Chimp Spanner discusses forthcoming material


The version of Chimp Spanner's song 'Harvey Wallbanger' with vocals by Neema Freeman from Monuments that was posted earlier this week, incited a lot of discussion about whether or not vocals could work on Chimp Spanner's music. Paul Ortiz himself has also contributed to the discussion, in the meantime revealing some details about the use of vocals on his upcoming material.

He writes: "There *is* some talk of vocals on the new stuff, and I might have something pretty exciting lined up for that but I won't say anything until it's confirmed. A quick listen to the new clips, though, and you'll hear it's more mellow than anything. So I'll leave it to your imagination as to who might get involved..." Chances are that, should one or more vocalists be involved in the making of the next Chimp Spanner album, their vocals will be mostly clean: "I mainly prefer singing (whoever threw the 90% clean figure at me re: chimp vox was bang on) [...]."

He also indicates that he has some heavier material that he might use for another project in the future, for which he might employ a range of guest vocalists, and he has revealed that Greg Pope is no longer involved in Monuments.

Read Paul Ortiz's post on

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