Server upgrade, more new site features


We performed another site update just now. In addition, the server has been upgraded, because response times have been subpar recently. This means keeping the site online is going to be twice as expensive from now on, so we're going to need some help. Here's an overview of what's new.

New bands page
This one's been a long time coming: we've refurbished the bands page a bit. It used to present a long list of all bands in the database, which was not very user friendly. The new bands page shows a random selection of bands, and allows for the entire database to be browsed alphabetically. Also, there's pretty pictures! This should make the whole experience a bit more pleasant.

Browse the headlines from the front page
As you may have noticed already, the front page now sports links below the list of recent headlines, which can be used to browse through all headlines chronologically.

Help us out!
We've also added the option to help us out financially. As we already mentioned earlier, the server's just been upgraded, so it's going to be more expensive from now on. We've doubled the amount of RAM and processing power. The site should feel a lot snappier on the whole.

Seeing as some people have expressed interest in financially supporting the project before, and we really don't want to put any ads on here, we figured we might as well give this a try. You can find the 'Buy us some more RAMs' link in the sidebar.

That's it, we hope you'll continue to enjoy the website. As always, if anything looks weird, refresh the page to update your browser's cache. If it still looks weird, let us know in the feedback forum or through the contact page. Questions and suggestions are welcome!

Help us pay our server costs

If you have a few bucks to spare, you can help us out with our server costs. Click the button below to send us some money through PayPal.

The djent community is constantly growing, and as a result, gets more and more traffic every day. is completely non-profit, which means I pay for the server costs out of my own pocket. To keep these costs in check, we welcome gifts from our users.

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