Wide Eyes: new album preview clip


US-based Wide Eyes have released a short preview clip of the track 'Sighborg'. Listen below. The track is part of their upcoming album, titled 'Volume'. More pre-production demos are also available on their Soundcloud page.

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Eggeh: short new track 'Men Laughing Alone with Fruit Salad'


Igor "Eggeh" Omodei of Uneven Structure has uploaded a new one minute excerpt titled 'Men Laughing Alone with Fruit Salad' to his Soundcloud page. Listen to it below. Uneven Structure are currently in the process of finishing their debut album, 'Februus'. A teaser was released for it at the end of 2010.

Vildhjarta: new short audio snippet available


A short snippet of an as yet untitled and unreleased Vildhjarta song has been posted on Dropbox. The band are currently working on their upcoming debut album 'Irreversible' and will play this year's edition of Euroblast festival, taking place in Cologne, Germany on October 23rd.

Stream / download the teaser from Dropbox.

Vildhjarta: new teaser video


Vildhjarta have posted a 20 second teaser video with some audio footage to their YouTube channel. Watch it below. The band are currently working on their debut full-length album, which is presumed to be titled 'Irreversible'. They will also be performing at Euroblast festival in Cologne, Germany on October 23rd this year.

Red Seas Fire: short album teaser clip available


Red Seas Fire have posted a very short clip from their song 'Epinephrine', which will be featured on their debut album, which they are currently recording. It is available for streaming and download from Dropbox.

Read the post on their Facebook page.
Stream / download the clip from Dropbox.

TesseracT: short interview with Noisecreep


Noisecreep has published a short interview with TesseracT vocalist Dan Thompkins about the band's signing to Century Media, which they announced last week.

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Chimp Spanner releases another short mixtest


Paul Ortiz of Chimp Spanner who is working on a new album has released a short segment that functions as a mixtest which is available on Dropbox. Paul Ortiz was also recently added to the list of profiled musicians on Toontrack. The new album is scheduled for the end of 2010 and will be released by Basick Records.

Listen to the new mixtest here.

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