Miroist: new song 'The Pledge: I: Non Decipies Me, Fortuna'


UK-based Miroist have released a new track, titled 'The Pledge: I: Non Decipies Me, Fortuna', which is available for streaming and for free download from their SoundCloud page. Listen below. Other tracks are available on their SoundCloud as well.

Stream/download the song from SoundCloud.

Drewsif Stalin: new song 'Deadly Serious'


Drewsif Stalin has posted a new song on his Soundcloud page, titled 'Deadly Serious', which is available as a free download. Listen below.

Stream / download 'Deadly Serious' from SoundCloud.

Entrosolet: old songs available for download


Darren Cruickshank of Entrosolet has posted some of the old songs for streaming and free download from his SoundCloud page. Listen below. He writes: [i]"I just uploaded 10 oldish songs. From YouTube, Soundclick and various other places. You can stream them or download them for free.

Sinthetik: new song 'Amnesia'


Canada-based Sinthetik have posted a new song titled 'Amnesia'. Listen below. The song is part of their upcoming EP 'Tranceformation', which is set for release on November 11th as a free download. A guitar playthrough video was posted earlier.

Innerty: new song 'Qualophobia', tracklist revealed


French band Innerty have released a new song, 'Qualophobia', which is part of their upcoming release 'Tabula Rasa'. The album's tracklist was also revealed. Listen to the song and view the track listing below.

Fall Against Fate: new song 'Blindfolds'


Fall Against Fate have released a new song titled 'Blindfolds'. Listen below. The track features the band's new vocalist, Jim Dummer, who was recruited earlier.

Animals as Leaders: new song 'Cylindrical Sea'


Animals As Leaders have revealed another track from their upcoming release 'Weightless' titled 'Cylindrical Sea'. Listen below. The album is being released today in Europe, through Prosthetic Records.

Listen to 'Cylindrical Sea' on

Skyharbor: new track 'Celestial'


Keshav Dhar of Skyharbor has posted a new track, titled 'Celestial', featuring Daniel Tompkins, Vishal J. Singh (Amogh Symphony) and Marty Friedman, to his SoundCloud page. Listen to it below.

Surfaces: new song 'This is Halloween'


Adam Bell of Surfaces has posted a cover version of 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', titled 'This is Halloween' to his SoundCloud page. Listen below. A studio update video was posted earlier.

Listen to 'This is Halloween' on SoundCloud.

Broken Torment: new song 'Memoirs Of Mankinds Decadence'


Broken Torment have posted a new song titled 'Memoirs Of Mankinds Decadence' on their Facebook page. The band released their 4-track self-titled debut EP in April this year.

Listen to 'Memoirs Of Mankinds Decadence' on Facebook.

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