Vodnik: new track 'Freaks of Nature'


Canadian duo Vodnik have posted a new track, titled 'Freaks of Nature' on their SoundCloud page. Listen to it below. Another track, titled 'Tabula Rasa', was released earlier.

Listen to the new track on SoundCloud.

Core Collapse: two new tracks available


Core Collapse have posted two new tracks, titled 'There Is But One Way, Kill Them All...' and 'Potentiate' on their SoundCloud page. Listen to them below.

Listen to the songs on SoundCloud.

Sky Sanctuary: new track 'For all Intents & Purposes...'


UK-based Sky Sanctuary have posted a new demo track, titled 'For all Intents & Purposes...' on their Facebook, SoundCloud and ReverbNation pages. Listen to it below. The band are currently looking for a drummer and a second guitarist. All interested parties can contact them through their Facebook page.

Skyharbor: new track 'Catharsis' ft. Dan Tompkins, Marty Friedman


Keshav Dhar of Skyharbor has posted a new track titled 'Catharsis' on his SoundCloud page. Listen below. The track features guest vocals by Daniel Tompkins (TesseracT) and Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth) on guitar. It is also featured on a djent compilation CD that comes with the May issue of Metal Hammer magazine. Another track titled 'Aphasia' was posted last month. Skyharbor's debut album is slated for release in June this year.

Fractal Artifact: new demo track 'Kingdom of Machines'


Christian Kirkpatrick of Fractal Artifact has posted a new demo track, titled 'Kingdom of Machines' on his SoundCloud and YouTube pages. Listen below. Another demo track, titled 'Luna (Part 2) Realm Deviation' was posted earlier.

Obtain/Restrain: new song 'Relapse'


Simon Göthberg of Obtain/Restrain has released a new song, titled 'Relapse' on his SoundCloud page. Listen to it below. The song is the first out of five to be featured on his upcoming EP titled 'Relapse', which is planned to be released this year.

Listen to the new song on SoundCloud.

Attention To Detail: new track 'Rendered'


Javiar Castillo-Bardales of Attention To Detail has posted a new track, titled 'Rendered' on his SoundCloud page. Listen to it below. Currently Javiar is working on his upcoming EP, titled 'Broadcasting'. About it he writes: "EP is going to be out real soon. It's now 4 tracks instead of 3. I don't know a date but it will be sooner than you think. I also have one of my best friends on a track so you guys will definitely like it[...]"

Carthage: new track 'Juxtaposition' available for free download


Carthage have released a new track, titled 'Juxtaposition', which is available for streaming and for free download from the band's SoundCloud and Facebook pages. It is available for free download from Mediafire as well. Listen to it below.

Novallo: new instrumental clip


Guitarist Gino Bambino of Novallo has posted a new instrumental clip to the band's SoundCloud page. Listen below. He writes: "Here's a new idea I'm working on, with a little more development this could be a Novallo song". A studio update video about the recording of the band's upcoming debut EP was posted earlier.

Outrun The Sunlight: new track 'Quark V: Nuclear Furnace'


Outrun The Sunlight have released a new track, titled 'Quark V: Nuclear Furnace' on their SoundCloud, Bandcamp, PureVolume, Facebook and YouTube channel pages. Listen below.

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