Eggeh: new song 'The Fountain' available


Uneven Structure songwriter and guitarist Igor Omodei, AKA Eggeh, has uploaded a new song to his SoundCloud page. About the song, he writes: "[It is] a completely experimental track mixing some IDM with breaked drums and heavy polyrhythms in D# (the lower one)." The vocals for the track were reused from Uneven Structure's debut EP 8, which features guest vocals from Vildhjarta's Daniel "Mynd" Ädel.

Listen to 'The Fountain' on SoundCloud.

UPDATE: the song is now also available on YouTube, watch it below.

Invocation: new song 'Invocation' available


Tom Still from Invocation has uploaded a new song 'Invocation' which will be featured on his forthcoming EP. It is available on SoundCloud. The song is an unmixed version and there will almost certainly be more material in the final product.

Listen to 'Invocation' on SoundCloud.

Invocation: new songs available


Tom Still from Invocation has uploaded a couple of new tracks to SoundCloud. The first is a rerecording of the song "Surrender Replacement". Two of the tracks will be featured on their upcoming EP. He has also remarked that they will not be uploaded anywhere else.

Listen to them here!

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