stealing axion

Stealing Axion: new drummer introduction video


The Tacoma, Washington-based band Stealing Axion have found a new drummer to complete their lineup. They have put up a video introducing Blake Ferris on their Youtube page. Watch it below. They had been looking for a drummer since November last year.

Stealing Axion: interview with Hail and Kill


Stealing Axion sat down with French music blog Hail and Kill to talk about their recent EP and upcoming releases. Topics include working with Acle, free downloads, touring and influences. The original French version can be found here and the translated version is on Stealing Axion's Facebook page.

Stealing Axion looking for drummer


The U.S. band Stealing Axion are looking for a new drummer. The band is based in Tacoma, Washington and have released their first EP 'Stealing Axion' this year, which can be streamed/downloaded from their official Bandcamp page. They are looking to tour as soon as possible and in that light they would like to extend their ranks to include a drummer.

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