The Pandemonium: new song 'Prime Focus Part 1', looking for vocalist


The Pandemonium have posted a new instrumental track, titled 'Prime Focus Part 1', which is available for streaming and for free download from their SoundCloud page. Listen below. They have also posted a short update video featuring some of their upcoming material to their YouTube channel. Watch it below.

Cloudkicker: new albums 'Let Yourself Be Huge' and 'Loop' available


Ben Sharp, AKA Cloudkicker, has released two new albums, titled 'Let Yourself Be Huge' and 'Loop', a few days earlier than planned. They are now available for streaming and download on his Bandcamp page. Listen below. Physical copies of 'Let Yourself Be Huge' are available for ordering as well. The first album features eight tracks and is more mellow in style than his previous work. It also features vocals on the title track. The second is a collection of 16 short 'loops'.

Stream / download / order 'Let Yourself Be Huge' from Bandcamp.

Sam Locke: 'Crossing the Barrier' demo


Sam Locke has uploaded a demo of his song 'Crossing the Barrier' to his SoundCloud page. Listen below. His debut EP 'Era ' was released earlier this year.

Listen to 'Crossing the Barrier' on SoundCloud

Beyond Our Eyes: 'Obsolete' guitar playthrough video


Zach Norman of Beyond Our Eyes has uploaded a guitar playthrough video for his track 'Obsolete', to his YouTube channel. Watch it below. The song is a part of recently released 5-track EP, 'Ancient', news about which was posted earlier.

Stream/Download the 'Ancient' EP from Bandcamp.

Humality: album update video


Australia-based Humality have posted a video update about the writing process for their debut album, 'The Proximity Effect', on their Youtube channel. Watch it below. The album is due for release in mid 2012. A new song titled 'Now Here' was posted earlier.

Widek: 'Ghost Resurrection' guitar play-through video


Widek has uploaded a guitar playthrough video of his song 'Ghost Resurrection' to his YouTube channel, playing a Mayones Setius 6. Watch it below. The track was featured on the band's 3 song EP 'Multiverse', released earlier this year, and can be downloaded for free from Bandcamp.

Download the album 'Multiverse' from Bandcamp.

Existem: video interview with KC Anthem


KC Anthem have posted a video interview with US-based Existem on their BlipTv Channel, where they talk about the band's formation, brief history of all the band members and their first show, among other things. Watch it below. A new track titled 'Detonate' was posted earlier.

Watch the Interview on

Brad Doné: 'Sovereign' guitar play-through video


Brad Doné has uploaded a guitar play-through video of a new instrumental song, titled 'Sovereign', to his Youtube channel. Watch it below. The track is also available for streaming and free download from his SoundCloud page. Another track titled 'Jessica Alba' and news about his debut EP was posted earlier.

Listen to 'Sovereign' on Soundcloud.

Vildhjarta: new song 'Phobon Nika' (updated)


Vildhjarta have posted a new track, titled 'Phobon Nika', on their Facebook page. The track is featured on the band's upcoming debut album 'Måsstaden', which will be released on November 28th through Century Media Records. We recently published a review of the album.

UPDATE: 'Phobon Nika' is now available for streaming from Century Media's Soundcloud Page. Listen to it below.

Listen to 'Phobon Nika' on Facebook.
Listen to the track on Soundcloud.

Re:inanimate: new song 'The Andronover Nebula'


Sergio Hernández of Re:inanimate has posted a new song, 'The Andronover Nebula', to his Youtube channel and SoundCloud page. Listen below. Another track, titled 'Lack of Harmony', was posted earlier.

Listen to the new song on SoundCloud.

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