Imaginator - Imaginator [EP]
March 7, 2014 - Unsigned


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Periphery: two more studio update videos


Periphery have posted two more in a long string of short studio update videos. Watch them below. Three other videos were posted last week.

Periphery: three more studio update videos


Periphery have uploaded three more studio update videos to their Youtube channel. Watch them below. Four other studio update videos were posted earlier.

Code 3-7: jam video


Brazil-based Code 3-7 have uploaded a new jam video of them playing some new material on their Youtube Channel. Watch it below. A cover of Katy Perry's song 'Firework' was posted earlier.

Beheading Of A King: new studio update video


Beheading Of A King have posted a new studio update video on their Youtube channel. Watch it below. A playthrough video of their song 'Leader of The Suburbs' was posted earlier.

The Storm Picturesque: studio update video


Australia-based The Storm Picturesque have posted a studio update video with footage from the recording of their upcoming debut full-length album 'Arrival'. It also features some new music. The album is slated for release early next year. A track with the same title was posted over a year ago.

Destiny Potato: studio update video


Destiny Potato have uploaded the first in the series of studio updates of their forthcoming EP on their Youtube channel. Watch it below. News about the EP being delayed was posted earlier.

Periphery: new album mix clip (updated)


Periphery have posted a 30 second video clip of their new album mix on their YouTube channel. Watch it below. A test clip of Misha 'Bulb' Mansoor using his Daemoness 7 string guitar was posted earlier.

UPDATE: the band have posted another short clip featuring some vocal tracking footage. Watch it below.

Vengeance From The Sky: third studio update video


Vengeance From The Sky have posted a third video in a series of studio updates, featuring the vocal tracking for the song 'The Day It All Changed'. Watch it below. The album, titled 'Origins', is planned to be released in February 2012. The previous video in the series was posted in August.

Outofchannel: live studio footage, rehearsal with singer


Outofchannel have posted a live video of a rehearsal session with the band's new singer to their YouTube channel. Watch the video below. Some live footage of a new song was posted in June this year.

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