Chimp Spanner releases tab for Harvey Wallbanger


Paul Ortiz, the mastermind behind Chimp Spanner has released a tab for the song 'Harvey Wallbanger'. He writes on his blog:

Paul Ortiz wrote:
Figured I would share this with you all as I know there are a lot of people who have asked for tabs of this track, and it's pretty fun to play! It's guitar only, and just rhythm. I also haven't made TABs before so, if there are any goofs well...just let me know!

Circle of Contempt: tabs for 'Color Lines' and 'CoC'


Circle of Contempt guitarist Risto-Matti Toivonen reports that he has started uploading official tabs of the band's songs to So far, he has uploaded tabs for 'Color Lines' and 'CoC', both from the band's debut album 'Artifacts in Motion'.

View the tabs on
Read his message on Myspace.

Periphery: second Misha Mansoor masterclass video available


Guitar Messenger Magazine has posted the second part of their 'Misha Mansoor masterclass' series, featuring tabs for Insomnia, Racecar and Zyglrox, as well as some information about the tuning used for the latter.

View the second part on
View the first part on

Periphery: Misha Mansoor masterclass at Guitar Messenger


Guitar Messenger Magazine has published the first half of a two part masterclass by Misha 'Bulb' Mansoor of Periphery, featuring tabs and accompanying audio and video material. In it, he talks about the 'djent' sound and 9th chords, and gives an in-depth analysis of some of the riffing in the song 'Buttersnips', which is featured on Periphery's self-titled debut album.

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Red Seas Fire: tabs for 'The Recovery'


Some tabs for Red Seas Fire's song 'The Recovery' are now available from Dropbox. Download them below. The band posted the studio version of the song on their Myspace and Facebook pages last week. They also performed 'The Recovery' and two other songs live on Ustream last month; a recording of this performance is available.

The Recovery (Nolly)
The Recovery (Pete)
The Recovery (Clean)
The Recovery (Solo)


Xerath publish guitar tabs for Xerath I


Xerath have published a number of guitar tablature files for their debut full-length album Xerath I, which was released in May last year. Tabs for 'Intrenity', 'Alterra', 'Reform Pt. II', 'False History' and 'Consequences' are now available in Guitar Pro 5 (gp5) format. The solo from the band's cover of Rush's YYZ, which they posted a while ago, is also available.

Download the tabs from

Permillisecond: 'Amalgamation' tabs available


Permillisecond have uploaded tabs for the song 'Amalgamation', off their self-titled EP Permillisecond, which they released last year. The EP can be downloaded for free from MediaFire.

The tabs are available as images: page 1 - page 2 - page 3 - page 4.
Or, alternatively, as a Guitar Pro 5 file, which can be downloaded from MediaFire.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

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