A.I.(d): 'Disorder' album teaser


Lou Gregoire of A.I.(d) has uploaded a teaser for his upcoming debut album 'Disorder' to his YouTube channel. Listen below. The teaser features the first five tracks of the album, while he is currently working on the rest of them. A cover for the track 'Christmas Song' was posted earlier.

Hacktivist: teaser for new song 'Blades'


UK-based Hacktivist have posted a teaser for a new track, titled 'Blades', to guitarist Timfy James' YouTube channel. Listen below. A guitar playthrough of the band's untitled track was posted earlier.

Depths: new teaser track 'Clark Kent'


Depths have posted a teaser for a new track, titled 'Clark Kent', on their SoundCloud page. Listen below. Another track titled 'Tiger Uppercut!' was posted earlier.

Stream / download the new clip from SoundCloud.

Humanity's Last Breath: teaser of new material


Humanity's Last Breath have posted a short teaser of their upcoming material, demonstrating a style change. Listen below. The band signed to Rogue Records America in September this year.

Honeybjorn: new album teaser


Jeff Berridge of Honeybjorn has uploaded a teaser for the projects upcoming album, titled 'I', to his YouTube channel. Listen below. He also writes: "All recording has been finished and it's only a matter of finishing touches before release!". A new track, 'You're Perfect As You Are', was released earlier.

Code 3-7: teaser for new album (updated)


Code 3-7 have posted a teaser for their new album to their SoundCloud page. Listen below. The album is slated for release in 2012. Two songs, titled 'Threat Part 3' and 'Secrets of the Mind', were posted earlier.

UPDATE: They have also posted a pre-production video on YouTube. Watch it below.

Listen to the teaser on SoundCloud.

Jonnah: teaser for new track 'wolloH'


Jonnah have uploaded a short teaser for a new song 'wolloH' to their SoundCloud page. Listen below. A new track 'Shambles' was posted earlier.

Listen to 'wolloH' on SoundCloud

Nerve End: 'Axis' EP teaser


Nerve End have published a teaser for their upcoming 4-track EP 'Axis', which is due for release on November 25th. Listen below. The band also posted some videos documenting the recording process, which can be found on the vocalist / guitarist's YouTube channel.

Neosis: album teaser


Neosis have posted a teaser for their as-yet-untitled upcoming album on their Facebook page. The band recently announced a UK tour in March 2012, supporting Chimaira. No release date for the album has been announced so far.

Listen to the album teaser on Facebook.

Ever Forthright: new album teaser, pre-orders available (updated)


Ever Forthright have posted a video album teaser to their YouTube channel. Watch it below. The video accompanies the announcement of their signing with Myriad Records, along with pre-orders packages now available from their Bigcartel page. The band's self-titled debut album will be released in December.

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