Time, The Valuator

Essen, Germany


Time, The Valuator, five guys from Germany deliver a colourful sound, showing a balancing act of Alternative catchiness and adventurous Progressive Rock songwriting.
With Elusive Reasons as their debut single, the quintet pave the way to a journey full of surprises. Stay tuned for what these guys have in store!


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TesseracT: 4th installment of James Monteith's Thrash Hits column


Thrash Hits have published the fourth installment of the 'Djently Does It' series by James Monteith of Tesseract. Aptly Titled 'Guitar Porn, Gear Geeks Roll Up', James shares all the inside details about his gear. The 3rd installment detailing Tesseract's Tour through the USA was posted earlier.

Read the column on thrashhits.com.

TesseracT: Concealing Fate part 4 and 5 live drum footage


Jay Postones from Tesseract has uploaded a new live drumcam video to his Youtube channel. Watch it below. The video features Jay playing 'Perfection' (Concealing Fate part 4) and 'Epiphany' (Concealing Fate part 5) in Worcester, MA on the tour with Protest the Hero.

TesseracT: video footage from India


TesseracT have posted a video on their Youtube channel with footage from their recent trip to India. They played at the Great Indian Rock festival in Pune, New Delhi and Bangalore alongside Meshuggah. TesseracT will be releasing their debut album 'One' in 2011.





Formed in 2007, Benevolent is an experimental extreme metal band that exhibits a sonic connection of heavy, dark, and polyrhythmic riffs and an eerie blend of sound. The band's sound is also closely referenced with the new "Djent" movement. Benevolent’s lineup includes Fadi Sarieddine on growl vocals, Hadi Sarieddine on guitars and clean vocals, and Mohammed Gad on guitars.


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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Divided EP
unsigned November 5, 2010
The Covenant Full-length
self-released March 18, 2014


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TesseracT announce plans for DVD


TesseracT, who have just returned from their US tour with The Devin Townsend Band, have announced that they will be recording a live studio DVD to go along with their heavily anticipated debut album 'One'. On their official website, they added: "[i]It will be a stark example of what a band sounds like live and in one take. So see it as a take on a live performance, but in the studio environment.

Tesseract: live video of new 'April Song' version


Footage of the track 'April Song' which originally appeared on TesseracT's 2007 demo has surfaced on Youtube. This recording was made during their US Tour (in which they are supporting The Devin Townsend Project, but this is one of two gigs that they played not supporting the DTP). This version of the song appears to be significantly different to the one on the demo, with most the most obvious change being the vocals and lyrics but there also are compositional changes.

Tesseract: footage from tour with Devin Townsend Project


Live footage from TesseracT's tour with the Devin Townsend Project has surfaced on YouTube. Watch it below. The tour recently kicked off in Vancouver on October 8th and is to continue into November. Remaining tour dates can be found on Devin Townsend's website. TesseracT recently released their long-anticipated EP, Concealing Fate, after signing with Century Media.


TesseracT guitarist talks about 'djent' on MetalSucks


MetalSucks.net has published a post by TesseracT guitarist Acle Kahney, in which he discusses the birth of the djent movement and his band. He talks about its online origins and the technological developments that made it possible.

Read the post on MetalSucks.net.

Tom from Invocation covers TesseracT's 'Lament', video available


Tom Still from Invocation has posted a video of himself covering TesseracT's 'Lament'. It is intended as test for his Engl Invader 100. He writes: "Last video was a bit of a fail, so heres a better video of me covering Tesseract's "Lament", great song to play, still learning though ;D" Watch the video below.


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