Vildhjarta: debut album release date announced, video teaser available


Century Media Records have announced that Vildhjarta's new album, titled 'Måsstaden' will be released on November 28th in Europe and on November 29th in North America. The announcement is accompanied by a teaser video. Watch it below. An album artwork teaser was posted earlier.

Euroblast festival trailer video, Syranic added to lineup


Syranic have been added to the lineup of this year's edition of Euroblast festival, which takes place in Cologne, Germany on October 21st-22nd. They will play on the blue stage (main stage) on Saturday, before Xerath. The band also played at the festival last year.

In addition, the festival organisation has released a trailer video. Watch it below. A time schedule for this year's edition was posted earlier.

Beyond The Dust: 'Pulse tour' video footage


Beyond The Dust have published a video with some live footage from the 'Pulse tour' with Magoa and Sybreed. Watch it below. The band toured France last month.

Circles: update about EP release dates, new trailer video


Basick Records have released an update regarding the release date of their latest signing Circles's debut EP 'The Compass'. The EP will be available on May 16th through the Basick online store as announced before, and preorders will be sent out to arrive on or shortly after that date. In addition, official retail release dates have been announced: the EP will be available in stores in Australia on June 24th, and physical and digital stores in the rest of the world will follow on June 27th. The full announcement from Basick Records can be read below.

The band have also released a new promo trailer video for the EP, which can be watched below.

The Interbeing: 'Edge Of The Obscure' details announced, album teaser available


The Interbeing have posted a teaser video for their upcoming debut album, titled 'Edge of the Obscure' on their YouTube channel. Watch it below. They have also announced that it will be released via Mighty Music/Target Distribution on May 2nd in Denmark, August 1st in Europe and worldwide in late 2011. The album is currently available for pre-order from

Beyond The Dust: 'New Dawn' EP trailer video


Beyond The Dust have posted a one-minute trailer video for their upcoming debut EP 'New Dawn'. Watch it below. The band features Steeves Hostin from A-SynC on guitar. Two preproduction tracks for the EP were posted earlier. The band will be opening for The Safety Fire, Monuments and Periphery in Paris, France on February 19th. The show is part of the mainland European leg of the League of Extraordinary Djentlemen tour.

Danny Dodge: album trailer video


Solo-instrumentalist Danny Dodge has uploaded a trailer video for his upcoming album. Watch it below. He also reports on his Facebook page that seven songs have been recorded so far, and vocals will be recorded soon. No other details about the album have been revealed yet. Several tracks are available for streaming and download from SoundCloud.

Read the announcement on Facebook.
Danny Dodge on SoundCloud

Returning We Hear the Larks: trailer for upcoming 'The Hidden World: I' re-release


Returning We Hear the Larks have posted a brief teaser video for the upcoming re-release of The Hidden World: I, which was mixed and produced by Carthage guitarist Tre Watson. Watch it below. The EP was originally released in September 2009. Jak Noble is currently working on material for a new EP, expected to be released early in 2011.

After The Burial: new album trailer (updated)


Sumerian records have published a new teaser video for the upcoming After The Burial album called 'In Dreams' on their official Youtube channel. The album will be released November 23rd by the label. Earlier album previews became available on Amazon, and a track 'Bread Crumbs and White Stones' was released on

Animals as Leaders to release debut video for 'CAFO', trailer available


Washington DC based Animals As Leaders are set to release their debut music video of the song 'CAFO' from their self-titled debut album, which was released in April 2009 by Prosthetic Records. A trailer video has been uploaded to Prosthetic Records' YouTube channel, watch it below.

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