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A.I.(d): 'Disorder' album teaser


Lou Gregoire of A.I.(d) has uploaded a teaser for his upcoming debut album 'Disorder' to his YouTube channel. Listen below. The teaser features the first five tracks of the album, while he is currently working on the rest of them. A cover for the track 'Christmas Song' was posted earlier.

Spiralmountain: new tracks 'Tundra' and 'The Coalition' (updated)


Erik Ebsen of Spiralmountain has uploaded a new song titled 'Tundra' to his SoundCloud page. Listen below. The song will be featured on his next upcoming release, of which there are no new details. Another track titled 'Mammals' was posted earlier.

Periphery: short studio update


Periphery have begun recording their second full length album. They have posted a brief studio update to their YouTube channel. Watch the video below. The band recently parted ways with bass player Tom Murphy.

Animals as Leaders: new track 'Somnarium'


Los Angeles Music have posted a new track of Animals As Leaders, titled 'Somnarium'. This song will be featured as the third track off the band's upcoming album 'Weightless', which will be released on November 4th in Europe, November 7th in the UK and November 8th elsewhere by Prosthetic Records. A video interview with KaaosTV was posted earlier.

Structures: album teaser available


Structures have posted a teaser for their upcoming album, titled 'Divided By' to their YouTube channel. Listen below. A new track off it, titled 'Tunnel Vision' was posted earlier.

Ganesh Rao: new album teaser


Ganesh Rao has uploaded a short teaser for his forthcoming video album 'Forbidden Circle' to his SoundCloud page. Listen below. The album, planned to be released next year, builds on the audio/visual concept of the 'Empyrean' single. Ganesh has also been working with TesseracT for their upcoming video, for which a behind-the-scenes footage was released recently.

Listen to the teaser on Soundcloud.

Structures: new track 'Tunnel Vision'


Structures have posted a new track, titled 'Tunnel Vision' on the YouTube channel of Sumerian Records. Listen below. This track will be featured on the band's upcoming debut album, titled 'Divided By', which will be released on October 25th. Pre-order packages are also now available from the label's official webstore. Another demo track, titled 'Hydroplaning' was posted earlier.

Animals As Leaders: 'Weightless' tracklist announced


Theprp.com has published the track listing for the upcoming album of Animals As Leaders, 'Weightless'. The album is due to be released on November 8th, by Prosthetic Records. The track listing is as follows:

1. An Infinite Regression
2. Odessa
3. Somnarium
4. Earth Departure
5. Isolated Incidents
6. Do Not Go Gently
7. New Eden
8. Cylindrical Sea
9. Espera

Haunted Shores: new track 'Immaterial' with Elliot Coleman


Haunted Shores have posted a new demo song on their SoundCloud page called 'Immaterial', featuring vocalist Elliot Coleman (of Of Man Not Of Machine and Sky Eats Airplane). This track will be featured on the band's upcoming debut album, for which an update was posted earlier. Another track titled 'Terra Firma' was posted earlier.

Textures: new track 'Singularity', album preorders available


Textures have posted a new track, titled 'Singularity' on their Facebook page. The song will be featured as the 7th track off their upcoming album 'Duality', which will be released on September 23rd. A series of bundle packages for the album are now available for pre-order.

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