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Textures: second studio update video


Textures have posted a new studio update video about the recording process of their fourth full-length album, which will be released this Fall. Watch it below. The first installment was uploaded earlier. The band will perform a release show for their new release at the 7th edition of Euroblast Festival, which will take place in Cologne, Germany on October 21st-22nd.

Circles: Brisbane diary video, 'The Compass' available for preorder


Circles have uploaded a video diary from their recent gig in Brisbane, Australia supporting The Schoenberg Automaton. Watch it below. The band's debut EP, titled 'The Compass' is planned to be released in May 16th, and is currently available for preorder on the Basick Records's webstore. We also conducted an interview with Circles earlier this month.

Tesseract upload first European and Russian video tour diary


TesseracT have uploaded their first video tour diary from their recent tours in Europe and Russia. More will follow.

Heart of a Coward: tour diary available


Heart of a Coward have uploaded a new video taken from the Born from Pain and Shaped by Fate UK tour in which they are participating. The video includes moments of the band chilling and having some fun as well as them comparing their vocal skills. Songs featured on this video are Deftones - Diamond Eyes and some unreleased parts of the band's upcoming album which will be released later on this year. Watch the video below.

Periphery: tour update video available, guest musicians and competition announced


Periphery have uploaded a tour update video (posted below). It features information about a competition the band is running which will give a fan the chance to write the concept or lyrics for a new Periphery song.

In the video, the band also reveals a few details about some of the guest musicians who will be appearing on the band's upcoming self-titled debut album due to be released on 20th April. These include guitar solos from Jeff Loomis (Nevermore) on 'Racecar' and Nolly Getgood (Red Seas Fire) on 'Totla Mad', as well as vocal contributions from Elliot Coleman (Sky Eats Airplane, Of Man Not Of Machine) and Casey Sabol (ex-Periphery).

UPDATE: The video ( seems to have been unpublished in the meantime. Presumably it was not supposed to be posted yet.

UPDATE 2: It's back. Watch it below.

The Ocean uploads the first of four videos explaining some of the concepts beind 'Heliocentric'


The Ocean has uploaded a new video on their YouTube channel explaining some of the concepts behind their upcoming album, Heliocentric, due to be released on April 9th. It is the first of a series of four videos about the new album. In this video the band introduces its new vocalist, Loïc Rossetti, and there is also some footage of the recording process.

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