Absent Distance: vocal version of 'Hyperwill Crisis'


Absent Distance have posted a vocal version of their song 'Hyperwill Crisis' to their YouTube channel in the form of a lyrics video. Watch it below. A playthrough video for the song 'Inhale' was posted earlier.

Ultimate Breath: new tracks with vocals


Manuel Fdez. de Ginzo Muñoz of Ultimate Breath has posted new versions of his tracks 'Become', 'Unmasked' and 'Mechanical Mind' with vocals, which are available for streaming and for free download from his SoundCloud page. Listen below.

Stream/download the tracks from SoundCloud.

TesseracT: interview with new vocalist on TotalRock, recording available (updated)


Earlier this evening, Maz Star conducted an interview with newly recruited TesseracT vocalist Elliot Coleman (Sky Eats Airplane, Of Legends, Of Man Not Of Machine, Zelliack) on TotalRock Radio. They discussed the feedback the band have gotten so far, among other things. The 10 minute audio interview was recorded and can be downloaded from Sendspace. An official statement from the band was released earlier today. Elliot also confirmed that he has left Of Legends, where he played bass.

UPDATE: Metal Sucks have also published an interview about the new vocalist with bassist Amos Williams.

Download the TotalRock Radio interview from Sendspace.
Read the interview with Amos Williams on metalsucks.net.

TesseracT confirm Elliot Coleman as their new vocalist (updated)


Hold Tight! PR has released a statement from TesseracT, confirming that vocalist Dan Tompkins has left the band and is being replaced by Elliot Coleman (Sky Eats Airplane, Of Legends, Of Man Not Of Machine, Zelliack). TesseracT performed their first show with Elliot in Milton Keynes, UK last weekend, after which rumours started to surface.

These rumours have now been confirmed through official channels. Elliot says: "I'm very much excited to be a part of the juggernaut that is TesseracT. I know I have big shoes to fill as Dan is a fantastic vocalist, but i'm confident that we'll be producing some great new music in the coming year and i'll be adding some new flavours to this ever evolving machine." Dan had apparently already left the band in July, citing 'a change in life priorities' as the reason.

UPDATE: in an interview on Totalrock Radio this evening, Elliot Coleman confirmed that he has left Of Legends, where he played bass.

Read the full statement on holdtightpr.com.

Vildhjarta recruit new vocalist


Vildhjarta have seemingly recruited a new member by the name of Vilhelm Bladin. The list of band members on their Facebook page was recently modified, with vocalist Robert Luciani being removed and Vilhelm Bladin being added, which seems to indicate that he is the band's new vocalist alongside Daniel 'Mynd' Ädel.

Vilhelm Bladin is also a member of death metal band Iscaroth, with whom he can be heard on the band's Myspace page.

This news comes shortly after the announcement that Vildhjarta's debut album is completed and has been sent to Jens Bogren for mastering. This seems to imply that the album was recorded with Vilhelm. Robert was recently announced as the vocalist of Means End, a collaboration with Rasmus Hemse, Leonard Östlund and Uneven Structure drummer Christian Schreil.

Vildhjarta will be performing at this year's edition of Euroblast Festival alongside Mnemic, Textures, TesseracT, and many others, which will take place in Cologne, Germany on October 21st-22nd.

View the member listing on the band's Facebook page.

Beyond The Dust: more tour footage, looking for new vocalist


Beyond The Dust have posted another video with footage from their 'Pulse tour' through France last April, supporting Sybreed. Watch it below. Another tour video was posted in May.

They also report that they are currently searching for a new vocalist, after parting ways with Jed last month. They write: "As you may have heard, we recently parted ways with our singer, Jed. We have a lot of big stuff to come for september (51 gig tour) and more to come. We are not searching for exactly the same kind of singing as we had before but something more "fresh". We are located in Paris, France but we can eventually work remotely if it's possible with you."

Interested parties can get in touch by sending an email to contact at beyond-the-dust dot com.

Animals as Leaders: 'Behaving Badly' jam video with vocals


A video featuring Tosin Abasi of Animals As Leaders jamming the song 'Behaving Badly' off the band's self-titled debut album, has been uploaded to YouTube. Watch it below. The video features Kelela Mizanekristos's vocals over the originally instrumental track.

KreepMaster: 'Suffer.ION' playthrough video with vocals


Hungarian solo artist Péter Csák, AKA KreepMaster, has posted a playthrough video of himself playing through his track 'Suffer.ION', with guest vocals by Causing Chaos guitarist Lave. Watch and listen below. The track is also available for download from infernallegion.extra.hu.

The instrumental version of the track is featured on his recently released EP 'Prepare To Meet Your God', which is also available for free download from the same website.

Download 'Suffer.ION' with vocals from infernallegion.extra.hu.
Download 'Prepare To Meet Your God' from infernallegion.extra.hu.

Shattered Skies: 'Attrition' with vocals released (updated)


Shattered Skies have posted a new version of their song 'Attrition' with vocals on the band's SoundCloud page. Listen below. This track will be featured on the band's upcoming debut EP. The instrumental version of the song was posted earlier. The band were also recently featured on the got-djent.com Official Podcast: Volume I.

Fragments: new track 'Voiceless', studio update video


Fragments have uploaded a new track titled 'Voiceless' to their SoundCloud page. Listen below. A video featuring clips from the tracking of the vocals for the song can also be watched below. A solo playthrough video for the song and a jam video were posted earlier.

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