Textures: interview with Peek From The Pit


Peek From The Pit have posted an interview with Textures to their Youtube channel. Watch it below. The interview was conducted at this years Euroblast festival, which the band co-headlined with Mnemic. Topics include their latest release 'Dualism', differing receptions at live shows and their opinions on the Djent movement.

Reece Fullwood: playthrough video of new material


Fragments and Eumeria guitarist Reece Fullwood has uploaded a video of himself playing through some new material for an instrumental track. Watch it below. His last solo material was released in December 2010.

Tardive Dyskinesia: rehearsal footage for new track


Tardive Dyskinesia have posted some rehearsal footage of a new track titled 'Smells Like Fraud' on YouTube, watch it below. The band saw some line-up changes in June this year. They are currently working on their next full-length album, from which this track is presumably taken.

A Plea For Purging: 'Heart Of A Child' music video


A Plea For Purging have released a music video for their song 'Heart Of A Child' on YouTube. Watch it below. This track will be featured on the band's upcoming album 'The Life & Death Of A Plea For Purging', which will be released on November 8th by Facedown Records. Another track, titled 'Room For The Dead' was posted earlier.

Lifeforms: 'Paradox' playthrough video


Lifeforms have posted a video featuring guitarist Arik Okray playing through the band's song 'Paradox' on their YouTube channel. Watch it below. Another playthrough video for the song 'Psychosis' was posted earlier.

Beyond Our Eyes: two new songs, live recording session video


Zach Norman of Beyond Our Eyes has posted two new tracks titled 'Obsolete' and 'Ancient', which are available for streaming and for free download from his Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages. Listen below. These tracks will be featured on his upcoming EP 'Ancient'. Furthermore, he has also uploaded a live recording session video on his YouTube channel. Watch it below as well.

Animals as Leaders: 'Weightless' fourth studio update video


Animals as Leaders have posted the fourth in the series of their 'Weightless' studio update videos on YouTube. Watch it below. The album is due for release in early November through Prosthetic Records.

Forever Orion: new track 'Answers'


Southern California band Forever Orion, featuring Elitist guitarist Julian Rodriguez, have posted a new track titled 'Answers', from their upcoming 8-track debut album 'Passion. Love. Harmony. '. Listen below. The album is due for release on December 16th.

Erra: new song 'White Noise', lyric video


US-based Erra have posted a lyric video for a new track, titled 'White Noise' on YouTube and Vimeo. Watch and listen below. This track will be featured on the band's upcoming debut album, titled 'Impulse', which is planned to be released before the end of the year.

Periphery: Frak The Gods tour video and live footage available


Periphery have uploaded a video from their Frak The Gods tour to their YouTube channel. Watch it below. Moreover, a live footage of the band performing the songs 'New Groove' and 'Letter Experiment' in West Hollywood, USA, appeared on YouTube. Watch it below as well. Earlier the band have announced Mark Holcomb as a new guitarist.

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