Periphery: two more studio update videos


Periphery have posted two more in a long string of short studio update videos. Watch them below. Three other videos were posted last week.

A Total Wall: 'Unexpected' playthrough video


A Total Wall have posted a playthrough video for the track 'Unexpected' to their YouTube channel. Watch it below. The track is featured on their 'Incide' EP, which was released earlier this year.

TesseracT: bass gear walkthrough video (updated)


Bassist Amos Williams of TesseracT has posted a video walkthrough outlining his live bass equipment setup on his new Youtube channel. Watch below. TesseracT announced via their Facebook page that Williams will begin posting playthrough videos, blogs, covers, and lessons on his page. A video from the band's 'Saints and Sinners' tour was posted earlier. An exclusive Euroblast festival video interview with TesseracT was also posted earlier.

UPDATE: the full video recording of the band performing 'Concealing Fate' in the studio, which was also included on the 'One' bonus DVD, has also been uploaded. Watch it below.

Visit Amos Williams' page on Youtube.

Outofchannel: 'Post Illusion' drum playthrough video


Outofchannel have posted a drum playthrough video for the track 'Post Illusion' to their YouTube channel. Watch it below. A live video of a rehearsal session with the band's new singer was posted earlier.

Fall In Archaea: 'The Messenger' playthrough video


Guitarist Mike Stringer of Fall In Archaea has uploaded a guitar playthrough video for the band's song 'The Messenger' to his YouTube channel. Watch it below. The band recently announced a hiatus. Live footage of a new track was posted earlier.

The Arusha Accord: 'The Tightrope' playthrough video


The Arusha Accord have posted a video featuring guitarist James Clayton playing through the song 'The Tightrope' on their YouTube channel. Watch it below. The song is the 2nd track off the band's debut album 'The Echo Verses'. Another playthrough video for the song 'Night of The Long Knives' was posted earlier.

Ungenuineness: new track 'Syncopâté', playthrough video


Finnish guitarist Henri Ojala of Ungenuineness has posted a new track titled 'Syncopâté', which is available for streaming and for free download from his SoundCloud page. Listen below. He has also uploaded a guitar playthrough video for it to his YouTube channel. Watch it below as well.

Stream / download the new track from SoundCloud.

Chon: 'O.G.' playthrough video


Guitarist Mario Camarena of Chon has uploaded a video of himself playing through the band's song 'O.G.' to his YouTube channel. Watch and listen below. The full song was posted earlier.

A Sense of Gravity: solo playthrough video


A Sense of Gravity have posted a video, featuring guitarist David McDaniel and keyboardist/guitarist Brandon Morris playing through the solos from the tracks 'Lord Voldemort', 'Above the Horizon' and 'White Christmas' to their YouTube channel. Watch it below. A vocal version of 'Lord Voldemort' was posted earlier.

The Paradoxical Spiral: 'Demise' playthrough video, new album announced


Michael Dunn of The Paradoxical Spiral has posted a video featuring himself playing through the new song 'Demise' on his YouTube channel. Watch and listen below. The track will probably be featured on his upcoming full-length album titled 'An Ancient Prophecy', which is planned to be released early next year. Two new songs, along with an interview, were posted earlier.

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